DeluxGear DGST-CSND Neo Duet 4 Point Camera Strap



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Top quality shoulder strap with a wet suit grade neoprene support pad - 2 1/4 wide x 20 long x 1/4 (6mm) thick. Edged and backed with comfort stretch Lycra. Non-slip shark tooth gripping on reverse allows you to carry camera gear safely slung over the shoulder or neck A camera body strap. Adjustable length is 38-54 A Lens Cradle strap, to connect to the Lens Cradle or directly to large lenses. Adjustable length is 42-60 4 side-release buckles so that switching camera bodies on the main straps or lenses on the secondary straps is safe and easy 2- 5/8 buckles on the camera body strap, with 10 adjustable range. These can be disconnected from the main strap and buckled together as a convenient handle

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