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Continuous lighting, unlike flash lighting or strobe lighting, encompasses light solutions that stay on during the length of the shoot or until you adjust the lighting.

This type of lighting is commonly used in portrait shooting and can also be used in any environment where you’re taking photographs of products or still subjects. Continuous lighting is most often achieved through fluorescent, LED, plasma, tungsten or HMI lighting, depending on the photographer’s specific goals and budget. Focus Camera has all kinds of continuous lighting options for your specific needs, including lamps and continuous lighting kits.

If you’re looking for a reliable way to light your studio setup, it may be wise to invest in a quality continuous light kit that comes with everything you need for tailored-to-you lighting. These kits from Focus Lighting are made by top brands like Ikan and RPS Studio and fit popular camera brands such as Canon. Kits typically include bulbs, reflectors, light stands and additional accessories that allow you to create the ideal lighting environment anywhere. If you prefer something even more compact and portable, you can invest in an on-camera continuous light from our store.

We also offer a large selection of continuous lighting bulbs, including base photoflood bulbs in a wide range of lumens and color temperature options. Focus Camera has been a family-owned and operated specialty camera and photography equipment retailer for over 50 years, and we’re a certified dealer of all of the top photography brands in our store. If you have any questions about which lighting solutions are appropriate for your unique needs, you can always reach out to us via phone or e-mail and we’ll do our best to connect you with the right products.

Continuous Lighting

  1. Zeikos ZE-VLK18 Video Light ZE-VLK18 by Zeikos

    Zeikos ZE-VLK18 Video Light

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    • 3 Watt halogen Bulb
    • Perfect add on for camcorders
    • Batteries and charger included

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  2. Westcott 200 Strobelite Plus 200-WESTCOTT by Westcott

    Westcott 200 Strobelite Plus

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    • 400 effective watt seconds of power
    • Compact design, intricate quality
    • Seize the moment
    • 1/4 to full power or anything in between
    • Accessory options galore

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  3. rps one.jpg


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    • Fantastic for all Canon digital and film cameras
    • Perfect for your first home or work studio, easy set-up
    • Ceramic sockets rated to 660 watts which will prevent socket failure due to overheating, even with 500 watt bulbs!
    • The lights are designed to move smoothly forward and backward in the reflector allowing greater control
    • Can also accept umbrellas
    • Includes 2 500 watt 10" diameter aluminum reflectors with ceramic sockets
    • 2 4 section 7' steel black light stands, 2 500 watt 3400k bulbs

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  4. 103-006.jpg

    MeFOTO 103-006 Sunshine Cube Off Camera Flash & Video Light (Gray)

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    • Bluetooth Ready for Wireless Freedom and Flexibility
    • Features Multiple Lights for Handling Complex Shots
    • Compact and Lightweight for Convenient Portability
    • Easily Adjustable and Customizable Brightness 
    • Modern Design with Stylish Gray Finish 

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  5. Dot Line DL-DV60A AA Powered Video & DSLR LED Light DL-DV60A by Dot Line

    Dot Line DL-DV60A AA Powered Video & DSLR LED Light

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    • 60 Super Bright LEDs
    • Daylight 5600º K
    • Expandable: Units may be Connected Together to form one Larger Light
    • Uses 5 "AA" Bateries (Not Included)

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  6. RPS RS-5510 1000-watt Continuous 2 Light Kit RS-5510 by RPS

    RPS RS-5510 1000-watt Continuous 2 Light Kit

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    • Gives the photographer added ease of operation in studio or on location 
    • Kit includes 2 lampheads rated up to 500 watts each with built-in tilting stand clamp and umbrella holder. 
    • Housing features a deluxe rubberized finish, fuse circuit protection, removable 8” reflector
    • There are also two, 500 watt photoflood bulbs, two white 40” umbrellas, two 6’ 6” light stands 
    • Includes a deluxe padded nylon carry kit bag with shoulder strap

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