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Lens hoods are an inexpensive way to improve your photography by preventing stray light. They also provide an additional level of protection against lens damage.

Lens hoods extend out beyond the lens, offering shade so your photos don’t become too hot. They also prevent against light flares, those brightly colored spots that can often ruin some of your photos. We carry standard circular hoods as well as rectangular and petal-style, so no matter your preference, you’ll find it at Focus Camera.

Hoods are an essential part of protecting the integrity of your photo. You want to record an image as you see it, without additional light affecting the final product. Lens hoods are the perfect solution to blocking unwanted light, whether from the sun or indoor lighting. Petal hoods are shaped differently from standard lens hoods in that they don’t create a full band around the lens. Rather, the band looks like a flower petal. A standard lens hood is commonly used with lenses that focus automatically, while a petal or rectangular hood extend farther than traditional hoods, therefore eliminating even more light from the photo.

We offer quite a selection of lens hoods, but make sure you check your lens’ requirements before ordering to ensure you get the proper size and fit.

Focus Camera is the photography destination for everyone from beginners to professionals. We’re a certified dealer of all camera and photography equipment. We’ve been family-owned and operated since 1966, and our experienced staff hand-picks our lens hoods so we know we’re offering you the best selection available. You can rely on us to provide you with the highest quality at affordable prices. And our professional in-house customer service department is ready to help with any questions. We also offer free and same-day shipping on thousands of our products.

Lens Hoods

  1. B&W 65-069650 67mm Aluminum Lens Hood #970 65069650 by B&W

    B&W 65-069650 67mm Aluminum Lens Hood #970

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    • Black anodized aluminum
    • Light-absorbing matt-black inner grooves
    • Large opening for wide-angle lenses with up to 70° image angle

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  2. Vivitar VIV-DH-62 62mm Digital Lens Hood VIV-DH-62 by Vivitar

    Vivitar VIV-DH-62 62mm Digital Lens Hood

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    • Fits 62mm Threads
    • Tulip Flower Petal Shaped
    • Blocks Stray Light
    • Protects Lens From Impact 

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  3. Vivitar 82mm Digital Flower Lens Hood VIV-DH-82 by Vivitar

    Vivitar 82mm Digital Flower Lens Hood

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    • Plastic
    • Prevents unwanted light fom entering lens

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  4. Zeikos ZE-HLH62 62MMHard Lens Hood ZE-HLH62 by Zeikos

    Zeikos ZE-HLH62 62MMHard Lens Hood

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    • Reduces Flare
    • Fits 62mm filter size lenses
    • Professional Hard Lens Hood With Rear Locking Ring
    • Rear Locking Ring Allow Users To Rotate The Hood In All Direction

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  5. 4170.jpg

    Nikon HB-75 Bayonet Lens Hood for 16-80mm f/2.8-4E ED VR Lens

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    • Blocks Stray Light from Entering Lens
    • Protects Lens from Impact
    • Spare or Replacement Lens Hood

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