AtlasIED CR212P-NR 1x2-Feet 2RU Half-Width Ceiling-Mount Rack with AmbiTILT Shelf


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AtlasIED CR212P-NR 1x2-Feet 2RU Half-Width Ceiling-Mount Rack with AmbiTILT Shelf

  • AtlasIED CR212P-NR 1x2-Feet 2RU Half-Width Ceiling-Mount Rack with AmbiTILT Shelf

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AtlasIED CR212P-NR 1x2-Feet 2RU Half-Width Ceiling-Mount Rack with AmbiTILT Shelf

The CR212P-NR ceiling-mounted equipment rack allows electronic equipment to be conveniently installed out of sight, in the ceiling plenum. This equipment provides a space-saving solution while also being aesthetically discrete, blending in with common drop-ceiling tile designs. They permit equipment to be securely mounted above the ceiling in a sealed UL plenum-rated cabinet with an easy access door. The door assembly has an open frame design so the installer can place a ceiling tile into the frame and better conceal the entire ceiling rack. The ceiling tile cut-out is safely held in place by retainer tabs, locking it to the frame. To open the door, two retention thumb screws can be removed, and the door has attached safety cables to protect against injury. The CR212P-NR provides 2RU with a 9.25" half-width to accommodate compact half-rack equipment. The enclosure is 1x2-feet to fit a half space of a standard ceiling tile grid. As an option, a rack rail kit can be purchased for installing rack mount installable electronic equipment. The optional CR212RR rack rail provides two rack units (2RU)

AmbiTILT - Easily Load and Service Equipment

An AtlasIED advantage is the AmbiTILT mechanism with three methods to easily load and service equipment. For the first method, the shelf system has quick-release cane bolts. The two-(2) front cane bolts can be released and the entire shelf will tilt down towards the front. The shelf assembly is held in place by two safety cables and the two rear cane bolts. Being an ambidextrous design, the two-(2) rear cane bolts can be released in the same fashion and the rear section of the shelf will tilt downward for quick access to equipment’s rear connectors. The third option allows an integrator to completely remove the entire shelf system by releasing the front and rear cane bolts followed by releasing the two safety cables via the quick-release locking pins.

Precision Projector Pole Adapter

The two different sizes also provide a choice for an integrated pole adapter for easily mounting a projector underneath from a standard 11/2-inch threaded pole. To ensure the projector properly aligns to the center of the projection screen, AtlasIED provides the precision system. In the 1x2-feet enclosures, three knockout choices are provided so the installer can precisely choose which knockout best aligns the projector to the center of the projection screen. Once chosen, the installer opens the chosen hole and installs the provided pole plate adapter. Now, it is ready to thread in the pole and mount the projector. For the 2x2-feet enclosure, there are five precision knockout locations provided. To ensure the pole is safely secured in place, the CR Series incorporates a locking screw mechanism.

Integrated AC Power Pack

The CR212P-NR incorporates an integrated UL-listed power pack for powering the mounted electronic devices and data projector. There are five-(5) electrical outlets provided with standard 15 Amp Edison-style plugs. Four-(4) electrical outlets are located inside the cabinet and one-(1) outlet faces down and remains exposed when the door is shut. This allows a projector to be easily powered. The CR212P-NR does not include PowerAWAKE technology. All the outlets are turned on or off by the exposed on/off switch. The CR212P-NR is built 'Texas Tough' in AtlasIED's Texas-based manufacturing facility. Proudly made in America and built to last, 18AWG powder coated metal provides a strong and rigid assembly with decades of operational use.


Weight20.5 lbs
Frame ColorWhite

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