Austere 5SPS8US1 V Series Power 8-Outlet with Omniport USB


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Austere 5SPS8US1 V Series Power 8-Outlet with Omniport USB

  • Austere 5SPS8US1 V Series Power 8-Outlet with Omniport USB
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Austere 5SPS8US1 V Series Power 8-Outlet with Omniport USB

The Austere 5SPS8US1 V Series Power 8-Outlet with Omniport USB combines exceptional safety features, advanced power filtering, and diverse charging capabilities with a stylish and practical design.

Picture Perfect Audio/Video

The Austere Power insulates the power signal from external EMI/RFI disturbances to deliver video and audio perfection. The EMI or Electromagnetic Interference occurs when devices are in close proximity to one another. This means that when another device, such as a vacuum, surges as it’s turned on, it will not impede or disrupt your system

Fire and Power Spike Safety

The surge protector regulates the power coming from the outside powerline to ensure devices don’t burn out from a high voltage spike that can be harmful to your equipment. The Flameless MOV Protection gives you peace of mind that powerful surges won’t result in dangerous and harmful fire. And Overcurrent Protection ensures that the power circuit cannot exceed 15 amps, which could cause devices to short circuit or create dangerous temperatures that may lead to a fire

aDesign Philosophy 

The WovenArmor Cable provides strength, durability, and protection to ensure a lifetime of quality performance. The High-Flex Cable routes comfortably in tight places for easy installation. Our thermal-protected, ultra-wide SmartFit outlets have plenty of room to accommodate the bulkiest plugs

Rapid Charge

The OmniPort USB features five rapid charging ports (2 USB-A; 3 USB-C) to each deliver up to 2.4 Amps of charging power while protecting all of your low-voltage devices. These smart ports are designed to minimize charging time for your electronics such as cellphones and any handheld device that charges via USB.

Home Theater

Austere Power surge protectors are designed to ensure that entertainment systems are protected from the potential harm caused by electrical spikes and surges. Not to mention, the PureFiltration technology cleans noise and artifacts for optimal video and audio.

Home Office

Austere Power products discreetly sit near desks to safely power and charge multiple devices in a central location, making them ideal for work from home and virtual learning setups.

Multi-Use Room

Austere Power products are designed with today's most advanced technologies for ultimate performance to maximize functionality, no matter where in the home

SmartFit Outlet

To ensure you can simultaneously use all the outlets on your power products, Austere includes SmartFit outlets that are manufactured with the precise spacing to provide the necessary room between each outlet so all devices can fit, no more skipping plugs because chargers and AC adapters are too large.

Not All Power is Created Equal

You may not know it but your surge protectors can wear out over time. Joules - the protective layer of energy that defends your components are finite. And when they are gone, it leaves your system completely unprotected from shock or surge. Traditional surge protectors only last a year or two so if you can’t remember when you last refreshed your home’s power, it's likely time to do it now. And to take out the guesswork of when your Austere Power needs to be recycled, the blue protection shield icon on the Power unit will cease to illuminate once the Joules have been used. But that won’t happen for a long time because Austere Power is rated to last more than five times as long as most other power products.

Power LED

This indicates the power strip is plugged in and receiving power.

Ground LED 

This indicates that the unit is plugged into a properly grounded circuit.

Protected LED 

This indicates the power strip’s surge suppression components are intact and providing full protection against surges.


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