Breedlove Solo Pro Concert CE 12-String Red Cedar-African Mahogany Acoustic Guitar (Right-Handed)


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Breedlove Solo Pro Concert CE 12-String Red Cedar-African Mahogany Acoustic Guitar (Right-Handed)

  • Breedlove Solo Pro Concert CE 12-String Red Cedar-African Mahogany Acoustic Guitar (Right-Handed)
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Breedlove Solo Pro Concert CE 12-String Red Cedar-African Mahogany Acoustic Guitar (Right-Handed)

12-string guitars can be polarizing, but whether you like them or loathe them, you cannot deny the centrality of that ringing sound to some of the past half-century’s most iconic music. You know, Hotel California, Over the Hills and Far Away, and Wish You Were Here-just to name a few of the anthems girded by a double dose of steel strings. The Breedlove Solo Pro Concert Edgeburst 12 String CE Red Cedar-African Mahogany Acoustic Guitar is designed for players looking for a robust yet nuanced 12-string guitar, one that is not a gimmicky sideshow but a purpose-built professional-grade instrument. The side monitor soundhole virtually puts you in the audience while you play without diminishing the forward sound projection of your music, a particularly useful feature when playing with a group of musicians. The tone is warm and rich with a solid red cedar top and solid African mahogany back and sides, and that sound remains clear and full when plugged in with Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics. The cutaway body allows players full access to the entire ovangkol fretboard for when you want to get weird up the scale. Say what you will about 12 strings, but play this one before casting any aspersions.

Side Sound Hole

The unique side monitor soundhole virtually puts your ears in the audience while you play. Hearing every nuance of your instrument, whether you are writing, rehearsing, or performing, gives you a sonic perspective that will bring out the best in your playing.

The Concert Body Shape

The Concert is the most popular body shape, favored by players because it is well-balanced, compact, comfortable to play, and offers all the qualities of a great-sounding guitar. It generates a wonderfully articulate range of tone with an ample low end that is never boomy but always felt. The Concert works well when played fingerstyle, as vocal accompaniment, or at a full strum.

Solid African Mahogany

Sometimes called khaya, African mahogany has a familiar crisp, clean, and warm voice and boasts impressive versatility, taking well to fingerpicking as well as a more robust strumming attack without losing clarity. All mahogany instruments, like the Organic Collection Wildwood Series, which features a sustainably harvested wood source from the Republic of Congo, offer a natural compression that delights blues players, folkies, and singers or songwriters.

Solid Red Cedar Top

Softer than spruce, with a warmer cast to its look and tone, western red cedar has less headroom for a heavy attack but comes alive with sweet harmonics and a wide tonal palette for a lighter touch. Related to mahogany, it shares a focused sound, much loved by finger stylists.

Breedlove Pinless Bridge

Breedlove’s pinless Delta bridge is a distinctive element, alright, with a sleek, modern contour that adds an extra bit of unexpected beauty to every instrument, from Discovery to Legacy. But it also adds welcome functionality while anchoring great sound. Beginners love the fact that string changes are much easier without having to wrestle with a traditional pin bridge. Pros love it for the same reason! No more looking for lost pins during a fast backstage string swap. And its low profile makes for perfect right-hand damping.

Fishman Electronics

Side-mounted Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics with volume, treble, bass, and phase controls, plus an onboard tuner.

Cascade Bracing For Custom Shop Sound

Conceived in the shadow of the Cascade Mountain Range, Breedlove’s Cascade Bracing delivers pinnacle acoustic sound and American ingenuity in guitars for everyone. Every USA-made Breedlove guitar gets hand-voiced by one of the builders in Bend, Oregon. These craftspeople achieve sonic perfection by meticulously shaping each instrument’s internal bracing. But they are not just artists and artisans; they are guitar geeks. This keeps meticulous records of every refinement, every change, and every delicate curl of wood off the chisel that gets logged in the database. They used all that combined knowledge and experience to answer a simple question: How can they make the accessible, production guitars sound even closer to the showpieces from the Custom Shop? The answer is cascade braking.

Guitar Portrait

Breedlove is pleased to present these very detailed specifications for your 2022 acoustic guitar. In addition to dimensions, they have listed every piece of wood in this model: its common name, scientific name, and country where the tree grew. The Breedlove uses no clear-cut wood. Breedlove either salvages dead trees or individually harvests them to minimize the impact on the forest. You can travel globally with your Breedlove worry-free. No permits are needed. That said, it might be helpful to have this information on hand if you are traveling internationally. The Breedlove suggests printing out this information and carrying it with your guitar to avoid any misunderstandings or time-consuming waits with border customs officials.

Versatile Play Style

The Breedlove Play Style system was created to help you, the player, select your sound and playing style. Finding the most appropriate guitar to fit your sound requires finding not only the correct body shape but also the proper tonewood combinations to fit your style of play. Each Breedlove guitar is designed for a specific play style and sound; the Play Style systems assign a playing style icon to each instrument. V: Versatile Play, Multiple Styles: Breedlove crafts most guitars with a versatile all-purpose sound that feels well balanced between strumming and fingerstyle play.


Number of Strings12-String
CutawaySingle Cutaway
Body MaterialSolid Western red cedar
Neck TypeMahogany
Right/Left HandedRight-Handed

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