Darkglass Alpha-Omega Photon Bass Distortion Compression Pedal


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Darkglass Alpha-Omega Photon Bass Distortion Compression Pedal

  • Darkglass Alpha-Omega Photon Bass Distortion Compression Pedal
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Darkglass Alpha-Omega Photon Bass Distortion Compression Pedal

The Darkglass Alpha-Omega Photon Bass Distortion Compression Pedal ushers in a new era for musical credos with more elevated standards. Versatility, empowerment, limitless options, and ever-demanding tools at the disposal of every musician and composer are today on demand. A call for inventive devices continues to make musicians more inspired, clever, and connected. Darkglass took their Alpha Omega, and with relentless efforts added all the learned engineering to it. Placing the iconic distortion circuit into a new paradigm enables a range of possibilities that were never before available. A comprehensive design allows programming each part of the pedal, from compression, distortion, and cabinet simulation in the signal chain to presets via MIDI and the Darkglass Suite. The Alpha Omega now has its ultimate interface. Fully programmable, empowered, and never before this versatile.


The Compression potentiometer is the one-knob solution for compression on the Alpha Omega Photon. This controls the amount of input gain to the compressor and intelligently applies the correct amount of makeup gain so that your signal is always driven at the appropriate level, no matter how much compression is applied.


The Drive potentiometer adds distortion and drives to your signal. Crank this knob to apply the Alpha Omega distortion to the distorted part of the signal chain.


The MOD potentiometer selects or mixes between the Alpha and Omega circuits. Alpha is punchy, and tight with a lot of definition, whereas Omega is simply brutal and raw.


The Blend potentiometer mixes the distortion signal and the clean sidechain signal.


The Level potentiometer controls the master volume of the Alpha Omega Photon.

Touch Sensitive Sliders

Each slider has a -12 dB to 12 dB range. From left to right, the frequency bands for each slider correspond to a low shelf, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1.5 kHz, 3 kHz, and a high shelf.


This is the primary instrument input on the Alpha Omega Photon. Connect your instrument or output from your pedal board to the 1/4-inch mono jack.

Aux In

The stereo input of the Alpha Omega Photon enables the playback of backing tracks while practicing or recording. Connect your mobile phone, laptop, etc. to the 1/8-inch stereo jack.

Headphone Output

The headphone output meter is placed next to the jack.

Balanced Outputs

The two balanced outputs add routing versatility and the option of using the Alpha Omega Photon as a fully equipped audio interface. Connect your studio monitors, amplifier, or other effects to the 1/4-inch balanced jacks using a TRS connector (Tip +, Ring -, Sleeve GND). If you feed an unbalanced input from these outputs, use an instrument cable with a mono 1/4-inch plug.

Direct Output

An XLR output with a ground lift switch provides a reliable standard connection to a mixing desk or an external audio interface for a guaranteed low-noise signal.


A standard 1/8-inch TRS (Type B) jack allows connecting an external MIDI controller to the Alpha Omega Photon for even more flexibility.


The USB-C port unlocks the Alpha Omega Photon’s USB audio interface capabilities and enables interaction with the Darkglass Suite desktop app, allowing for software updates and access to the Darkglass IR library, containing hundreds of cabinet simulations. USB MIDI is also supported.

*Note: The Alpha Omega Photon has a current draw of 500mA. Only use a regulated 9V DC adapter with a center-negative plug. Due to ecological reasons, it does not accept batteries. Unregulated power supplies and/or higher voltages may result in suboptimal noise performance and even damage your unit, voiding the warranty.




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