Korg i3 61-Key Music Workstation with Pro Level Sounds (Matte Black)


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Korg i3 61-Key Music Workstation with Pro Level Sounds (Matte Black)

  • Korg i3 61-Key Music Workstation
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Korg i3 61-Key Music Workstation with Pro Level Sounds (Matte Black)

With the Korg i3 Music Workstation is a 16-track sequencer with a 61 full-size, velocity-sensing keypad. The sequencer records, saves, and plays both MIDI and audio files. The i3 is an ideal synth for the budding composer, the energetic performer, or the inspired up-and-coming producer. The Korg i3 Music Workstation uses battery power source and offers a convenient auto-power off function to preserve battery life. This self-contained, simple to use workstation features on-board effects and EQ that tailor the sound for any performance.

61 Full-Size, Velocity-Sensing Keys

The Korg i3 is a full-featured workstation featuring 61 full-size, velocity-sensing keys. The keyboard response is adjustable using the three touch-curves, while a fourth setting provides a fixed output level. The octave buttons shift the pitch of the keyboard up or down by two octaves, in octave increments. A professional joystick on the panel allows for real-time articulation of pitch bend, vibrato, and brilliance during performance. In addition, the two-band EQ (Low and High) provides a final adjustment to the overall tone. All front panel buttons and controls are conveniently grouped together by function. The custom backlit LCD provides a visual feedback regarding the instrument’s current settings.

64 Voices of Polyphony

The high-fidelity PCM sound engine provides a generous 64 voices of polyphony. Plus, two stereo effect processors, each offering 173 variations, add motion, depth, and expression to each of these real-time sounds. You can instantly recall the prime piano sound of the i3 in any mode by pressing the Grand Piano button.

Built-In Instrument Sounds and Custom Drum Kits

The Korg i3 features around 800 instrument sounds that were created with critical precision by master programmers and musicians. This includes a complete GM2 sound set, providing flawless General MIDI compatibility. 59 custom Drum Kits are also added to it. The operation of the i3 distinguishes between the Sound Set, that is the sounds played in real time on the keyboard; and the Style Performance Set, that is the sounds and parts generated by the i3 to augment your performance.

Style Performance Set for Each Style

The Korg i3 is the Workstation helps you put together your ideas with some hooks and some grooves. Style Performance Set is a recommended sound set for each styles. Each of the 270 Styles contains four related Style Performance Set options, and each one recalls a different set of backing sounds, just as each Sound Set offers four related options for the real-time keyboard parts you play yourself.

More Styles and Sound Sets

Active backing parts will follow your chord changes to create a personalized track to match your performance. The eight Chord Buttons can suggest and provide ready-made chords to keep your momentum moving forward. Each Style is a complete song-creation environment, with ready-to-play sounds, parts, and chords – if needed. In addition, each Style includes four rhythmic variations, a count-in, a break, plus an intro and an ending. Just as with the real-time Sound Set parts, the Style parts also can also access two independent stereo effect processors, each with 173 variations, to add motion, depth, and expression.

Multiple Connections and Performance Options

The Korg i3 Music Workstation features plenty of connections and performance options on the rear panel to meet any requirements. When not running on battery power, the i3 can be connected to a suitable AC power source using the included adapter. The i3 Workstation features two 1/4-inch outputs (Left/Mono and Right) for audio monitoring, and one 1/8-inch stereo headphone output. It also features a 1/8-inch audio input along with a 1/4-inch jack for a foot controller. A MIDI output jack sends note and timing data from the workstation to other MIDI equipped instruments. The Korg i3 Music Workstation offers two USB ports, where the ‘To Device’ USB port can save and load user data and songs to and from a USB flash drive. You can also use ‘The To Host’ USB port to connect the i3 Workstation to a computer.

Lists, Each with 5 Locations

The i3 sequencer is a 16-track configuration, where eight tracks are used for playing the keyboard and the other eight tracks are dedicated to the style part for backing. Once recorded, your finished project can be exported as a MIDI data file. The Korg i3 Performance Recording mode helps capture and record an entire performance as audio data that can be exported as an audio .WAV (44.1 kHz) file. The onboard sequencer can even play audio files saved in the .WAV (44.1 kHz) or MP3 format.


Touch ResponseSoft, Medium, Hard, Fixed
Keyboard Size61 Key

Sounds and Songs

Number of Sound Presets790 sounds, 59 drum kits


Number of Style Presets270


Power Consumption6 W


Weight8.82lb / 4kg

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