Logitech Blue Sona XLR Dual-Diaphragm Microphone Podcaster Pro Bundle with Recording Accessories

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In the box

Logitech Blue Sona Active Dynamic XLR Broadcast Mic with ClearAmp (Graphite)

  • Logitech Blue Sona Active Dynamic XLR Broadcast Mic with ClearAmp (Graphite)
  • Blue Sona Microphone
  • Additional Windscreen
  • 3/8 Inch Mic Stand Adapter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty

Knox Gear Desktop Boom Arm Microphone Stand

  • Knox Gear Desktop Boom Arm Microphone Stand
  • Desk Mounting Clamp
  • 5/8 in. to 3/8 in. Adapter
  • Knox Gear 1-Year Warranty

Knox Gear 25Ft XLR Cable Male to XLR Female Microphone Cable

  • Knox Gear 25-Feet XLR Male to XLR Female Microphone Cable
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Knox Gear Pop Filter for Broadcasting and Recording Microphones

Rode RODECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio

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Logitech Blue Sona XLR Dual-Diaphragm Microphone Podcaster Pro Bundle with Recording Accessories

Experience outstanding quality with this microphone kit from Logitech. This bundle from Focus Camera includes the Logitech Blue Sona Active Dual-diaphragm Dynamic XLR Broadcast Microphone with ClearAmp (Graphite), a podcast production studio, a desktop microphone stand, a 25-feet XLR cable, and a pop filter.

Logitech Blue Sona Active Dynamic XLR Broadcast Mic with ClearAmp (Graphite)

The Logitech Blue Sona Active Dynamic XLR Broadcast Mic with ClearAmp features a modern design for on-camera use. With cutting-edge technology and a creator-first design, Blue Sona reinvents the conventional dynamic XLR mic for a genuine studio-quality stream experience. The cutting-edge dual-diaphragm dynamic capsule rejects unwanted noise and hum while delivering smooth, low-end, outstanding detail. This ensures that during streaming, your voice comes first. Your stream is free of key clicks and background noise thanks to the Blue Sona's accurate super-cardioid pickup pattern, which also concentrates on your speech.

ClearAmp Technology

Strong +25dB additional gain is provided by built-in ClearAmp technology for excellent sound quality. This eliminates the need for an external mic booster.

Capsule with a Dual Diaphragm

This microphone features an advanced mic capsule with a dual-diaphragm design that's fine-tuned by audio engineers to deliver the best broadcast quality. Plus, the passive diaphragm is set in reverse to absorb and minimize noise and vibration. The capsule is mounted inside a cage that is intended to block out any electromagnetic noise from lighting or computer monitors.

Built Keeping Creators in Mind

The Blue Sona is made with a sleek and contemporary style that makes it perfect for camera use. Graphite and off-white are the two color finishes available. Each microphone variant has replaceable windscreens to fit the look of your stream. The 290-degree swivel gives artists the maximum control over microphone positioning, at just about any angle.

Optimal Sound Quality

The Blue Sona's capsule is housed inside an internal shock mount. By shielding the capsule from any bumps or vibrations while you stream, you can ensure that your stream will always sound clear and audible.

Certified by Logitech for Creators and Blue Sound

The LFC + Blue works together to create a cutting-edge flagship microphone that raises the bar and is designed specifically for today's top producers and aspiring ones alike.

Knox Gear Desktop Boom Arm Microphone Stand

Getting into podcasting, broadcasting, music or voice acting can be intimidating. Equipment can be prohibitively expensive, yet you know that if anything goes wrong, it can lead to a host of audio issues. This is why it's crucially important to use gear you can trust.

The Knox Gear Desktop Boom Arm Microphone Stand provides a seamless experience from setup through recording. You’ll love the durable quality, ease of installation, and complete control and adjustability.

Mounts to Desk or Full Stand

The Knox Gear Desktop Boom Arm Microphone Stand can be mounted to the included clamping base or to a floor stand. Easily remove the boom arm from the base and reinstall if you need to. Plus, there is a 3/8 in. adapter in the box just in case the 5/8 in. thread does not fit your equipment.

Easily Adjustable

The arm can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust the direction of the microphone. Thanks to a super-strong spring with an extra positioning screw, the Desktop Boom Arm Microphone Stand can also be adjusted to bear more weight if necessary. Locking knobs help adjust the tension to your needs.

Knox Gear 25Ft XLR Cable Male to XLR Female Microphone Cable

Knox Gear 25FT XLR Male - XLR Female Microphone Cable, is professionally designed to prevent external interference and ensure signals travel rapidly and smoothly with minimum distortion, delay, or loss. These cables feature two 20-gauge CCAM conductors, which are twisted pair with cotton yarn fillers, conductive PVC shield with 100% coverage, and CCAM spiral shielding with 90% coverage.

Knox Gear Pop Filter for Broadcasting and Recording Microphones

The Knox Gear Pop Filter for Broadcasting and Recording Microphones is a guard used by amateurs and professionals to achieve clearer audio recordings by eliminating 'popping' sounds from P's and B's. It also keeps saliva from hitting the microphone. The included gooseneck clamp enables the filter to be placed in a variety of positions.

An Inexpensive Way to Improve Audio Quality

Whether you're a professional or amateur, adding a pop screen to your recording set up is a cheap and easy way to improve the audio quality of your recordings immediately. Pop screens diffuse wind and gusts of air expelled from your mouth when you speak to help eliminate the loud thuds that can occur when air hits the microphone. Eliminating these noises makes your recorded audio sound clearer and more professional to listeners!

Clamp Fits Most Microphone Stands

This pop screen's clamp is designed to fit most microphone stands and boom arms. The clamp's curved base wraps around mic stands to hold it in place and the rubber screw pad contours to the surface of what it's in contact with. Padding on both surfaces of the clamp protects your microphone from scratches and damage.

Fully Adjustable Gooseneck Arm

The pop screen is mounted on a flexible gooseneck arm that allows you to position it however you want. For extra support and stability during recording, the arm can be bent around the stand and mic. The arm is roughly 14 inches long so you can position the screen as close or as far away from the mic's surface as you'd like.

Large Surface Area

The screen is 6 inches in diameter and will diffuse bursts of air even if the source isn't directly in front of the microphone. This means you can conduct interviews with people who are sitting next to you without worrying about either of you causing pops or thuds. The large screen will also protect your microphone from saliva that might be expelled from your mouth as you talk.

Rode RODECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio

The RODECaster Pro is a fully integrated podcast production studio. Whether you are just starting out, or are a seasoned broadcast professional, the RODECaster Pro Podcast Production Studio is all you will ever need. The RODECaster Pro comes with eight programmable sound effects pads, for instant triggering of sound effects, music, jingles, applause and ads – perfect for giving your podcast that professional quality. You can record audio direct to the programmable pads from any input, or simply “drag and drop” files from your computer using the supplied software. You can even select your favourite colours for the pad illumination.

Connect and Record

The four high-quality microphone channels are able to power studio condenser microphones as well as conventional dynamic microphones. You can quickly connect microphones for you and your guests with automatic level setting and one-touch recording to a microSD card. You can literally be recording your first podcast within minutes of taking the RODECaster Pro out of the box.

Phone Calls

Have a remote guest you want to interview? Simply connect your phone to the RODECaster Pro via Bluetooth or with a TRRS cable. It automatically provides “mix-minus” audio to prevent echo being heard by the caller, without the need to purchase dedicated and costly hardware.

Class A Servo-Biased Preamps

The RODECaster Pro’s pristine preamps and outputs feature Class A circuitry, as found in broadcast consoles that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. These Class A preamps provide a much cleaner gain structure with lower levels of distortion. The result is an incredibly clean, low-noise signal. The Preamps are also servo-biased, keeping distortion levels low. Your signal is broadcast-pure.

APHEX On Board

Your pristine signal can also be enhanced with the legendary patented audio processors, APHEX Aural Exciter and APHEX Big Bottom. These have been incorporated in the audio processing section of the RODECaster Pro, and your sound will have that rich, warm tone only found in professional studios. The RODECaster Pro also features multistage dynamics, such as compression, limiting, de-essing and noise-gating.

Recording Options

The RODECaster Pro operates as a standalone unit straight out of the box, recording your finished podcast direct to a microSD card. It also connects to your computer as a USB audio interface, so you can record your podcast to your favorite recording software, or stream live. Multi-track recording is also available via USB to your computer’s recording software (including Garage Band, Reaper, Logic, ProTools, Audition and more), allowing you to separately record each of the sources to its own track for editing in post-production. Naturally, a stereo mix of your finished podcast will also be captured in multi-channel mode.

Logitech Blue Sona XLR Dual-Diaphragm Microphone Podcaster Pro Bundle with Recording Accessories


Gain ControlYes


Form FactorCompact

Logitech Blue Sona Active Dynamic XLR Broadcast Mic with ClearAmp (Graphite)


Mounting TypeStand Adapter
Weight38.80 oz


Form FactorCompact
Primary ApplicationsContent creation, gaming, streaming, musician, YouTuber and podcaster
Polar PatternSupercardioid

Knox Gear Desktop Boom Arm Microphone Stand



Knox Gear 25Ft XLR Cable Male to XLR Female Microphone Cable


Warranty Length1 Year


Cable Length25 feet

Knox Gear Pop Filter for Broadcasting and Recording Microphones


Size8 to 14 Inches

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