Middle Things APC-R Controller


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Middle Things APC-R Controller

  • Middle Things APC-R Controller
  • APC-R Unit
  • Bluetooth Antenna
  • Wi-Fi Antenna
  • 50cm DJI Gimbal Connection Cable
  • 200cm DJI Gimbal Connection Cable
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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Middle Things APC-R Controller

With the Middle Things APC-R Controller, you can control up to 8 DJI gimbals remotely from a single laptop, using a single USB gaming controller and over long-distance Ethernet, just as a regular PTZ camera. And if you use the high-quality Blackmagic Pocket cameras you can even control Iris, Shutter, Focus, Color Correction, etc. within the software.

Toggle DJI Active track Remotely

Let your camera track the subject automatically! You can set your gimbal in autopilot mode by activating the DJI Active Track feature* of the RS2/RS3 Pro remotely through the network, right from your control room. It can be toggled by mapping any joystick button or by using Bitfocus Companion.

Wireless Control

In addition to the APC-R Ethernet port that offers a wired control solution, you can use the built-in Wi-Fi receiver to control the gimbal and camera completely wirelessly. For instance, you can bring a Wi-Fi repeater close to the stage, and have a Steadicam operator moving around freely while controlling the camera remotely, using Middle Control software or the Blackmagic ATEM Software Control. When the ethernet cable is disconnected, the APC-R will automatically switch to Wi-Fi within a few seconds. The wireless range will depend on your ATEM router.

Remote Camera Control

If you use supported Blackmagic Design cameras you can also remotely control Shutter/Iris/WB/Gain/Focus through Bluetooth in addition to the Pan/Tilt/Roll/ Speed or Zoom motor of the gimbal. And if you also have an ATEM switcher, you can connect Middle Control desktop software to the ATEM to control more advanced camera settings such as Luma/Gamma/Lift/Contrast/Saturation and Sharpening. The APC-R and Middle Control are designed to blend seamlessly in your live production environment.

Blackmagic Design ATEM

When connected to an ATEM Switcher over Wi-Fi or Ethernet, the APC-R grabs all the ATEM Software Control camera controls and forwards them to the Blackmagic camera using Bluetooth. Pair that with a video transmission system, and there you have a fully wireless remote-controlled camera setup. The APC-R supports almost all Blackmagic Design switchers, please check out the support page for more information on the supported switchers.

Two Great Apps

The APC-R ships with two apps, the Middle Setup iOS app which allows you to pair your APC-R with a Blackmagic Camera. The Middle Control Desktop App allows you to control all your cameras and gimbals remotely from one laptop in your control room. You can connect up to 4 USB Joysticks controllers and map camera and gimbal settings to any joystick button or axis. You can also update your device using a USB and adjust Wi-Fi and network settings, camera number, and name.

Save and Recall Position Presets

When using the APC-R with the DJI RS2 or RS3 Pro, you can save custom camera position presets (pan/tilt/roll/zoom) and recall them later. And if you use Blackmagic cameras and an ATEM Switcher, you can even store a custom White Balance/ISO/Iris/Shutter/Tint preset in addition to the Pan/Tilt/Roll/Zoom status of the gimbal. If you use an MFT lens, you can also save the lens Focus distance.

Gimbal Zoom Motor Control

You can control the DJI Focus Motor remotely, using the Middle Control App or using ATEM Software Control. It is recommended to use the Focus Motor for Zoom because you can control the focus of most EF/MFT lenses using their built-in focus motor.

Multiple Possibilities

You just need one cable (included) between the APC-R and the gimbal, and that’s it. The power consumption is very low and the gimbal will provide more than enough power to the APC-R. If you want to improve the reliability in and use a wired connexion, you can add an ethernet cable that goes from the APC-R to your computer or network router. The connexion from the APC-R to the camera is made using Bluetooth.


*Note: Requires the DJI RavenEye system, included in the DJI RS2 Pro Combo Package

Middle Things APC-R Controller

  • Control up to: 8 DJI gimbals
  • Wireless range: Depend on your ATEM router
  • Apps: Middle Setup iOS and Middle Control Desktop App
  • Supports: All Blackmagic Design switchers
  • Wi-Fi receiver: Built-in
  • Wireless camera control: Yes
  • Save camera position presets: Pan, tilt, roll, and zoom

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