DJI Zenmuse L2 SP with DJI Enterprise Care Basic

MFR: CP.EN.00000505.01

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DJI Zenmuse L2 SP with DJI Enterprise Care Basic

DJI Zenmuse L2 SP with DJI Enterprise Care Basic
  • Zenmuse L2
  • microSD Card (128GB)
  • Lens Cap
  • Storage Case
  • Lens Cleaning Cloth
  • DJI Care Enterprise(L2)

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DJI Zenmuse L2 SP with DJI Enterprise Care Basic

The DJI Zenmuse L2 has frame LiDAR, a self-developed IMU system that boasts precision and a 4/3 CMOS RGB mapping camera. These unique features help provide DJI flight platforms with more accurate geospatial data acquisition. The Zenmuse L2 can be used with the DJI Terra to provide precise 3D data collection and accurate post-processing.
In-Built LiDAR
Scan complex subjects in extended ranges with fast point cloud acquisition using the powerful hardware. Preview, playback and process point-cloud models using DJI Terra-generated Task Quality Reports. This offers a one-stop solution to improve efficiency and helps users to attain point cloud results that reflect precision and detail with just a single stop post processing.
Precise Results
GNSS and a self-developed IMU helps attain high-level precision that gives 4cm vertical accuracy and 5cm horizontal accuracy.
Unmatched Efficiency
Power it on and use it to collect geospatial and RGB data from about 2.5 kilometer square of area in just one flight.
Turnkey Solution
When used with Matrice 350 RTK and DJI Terra, the Zenmuse L2 delivers a turnkey solution that is user-friendly.
Increase in Detection Range
The Zenmuse L2 can detect 250 meters at 10 percent reflectivity and 100 klx. It has detection power of up to 450 meters at 50 percent reflectivity and 0 klx. Its operational altitude extends up to 120 meters typically and enhances operational efficiency and safety.
Reduced Spot Size
The Zenmuse L2 has a reduced spot size of 4 by 12 cm at 100 meteres. This is about one-fifth of the L1. Hence it can detect smaller objects with higher details and can penetrate denser vegetation for more accurate results.
Scanning Modes
The L2 has two scanning modes, repetitive scanning mode and non-repetitive scanning mode. L2's LiDAR can achieve more accurate point clouds. For deeper penetration, ideal for power line inspection, forestry surveying, and the likes, non-repetitive scanning mode is more useful.
The L2 has a frame-based design that when used with a three-axis gimbal, offers more surveying scenario possibilities.
IMU System
The self-developed IMU system gives access to highly accurate position, speed, and altitude information. Its precise ability gets a boost by its enhanced environmental adaptability.
Enhanced IMU Performance
The IMU suystem’s performance has been significantly enhanced and is made ready to use when it is powered on. The drone can take up tasks immediately when the RTK is in FIX status.
Mechanical Shutter
The effective pixels are 20MP and this helps to improve the quality of the overall imaging for more enriched details. The photo interval is now 0.7 seconds and the mapping camera has a shutter count of up to 200,000 times. This proves economical.
Multiple Flight Routes
With support for Waypoint, Area, and Linear Route types, the L2 can handle a number of tasks in diverse environments.
3D Point Cloud
The 3D Point Cloud model helps in quick decision-making by enabling the merging of 3D point cloud models of multiple flights.
Task Quality
Post point cloud data collection, the DJI Pilot 2 app generates a Task Quality Report that helps to keep a check on the real-time and on-site operational results.
Post-Processing Kinematic Solution
The users can set up RTK base stations to avoid the loss of RTK data that may take place due to video transmission disconnection or interference. Once the flight returns, users can import original files into DJI Terra to rebuild high-precision models using the post-processing kinematic process.
Service Care Basic
The DJI Zenmuse L2 comes with a DJI Care Enterprise Basic Package that has a validity period of 1 year. This basic plan can be renewed up to two times. It is applicable across U.S.  This care package provides Water Damage Coverage and free two-way shipping. The service of this package offers 2 low-cost replacements and DJI Care Express.


Sensor TypeCMOS
Maximum Aperturef/11


Warranty Length1 Year


Maximum Horizontal Speed5 cm at 150 m
Maximum Tilt AngleTilt: -143° to +43°

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