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ILS - Integrated Lighting System

Chauvet DJ is a premier line of entertainment lighting, controllers, and accessories for the mobile performer, DJs clubs, corporate events and more - offering the most value in the industry

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NEW: Freedom Par T6 RGB Wireless Par

NEW: Freedom Par T6 RGB Wireless Par

Unlimited Possibilities

Unleash the power of wireless lighting and take your events to the next level. The Chauvet DJ Freedom Par T6 offers unparalleled versatility, convenience, and creativity for lighting professionals and enthusiasts alike. The Freedom Par T6 delivers the freedom of wireless operation, allowing you to place and control your lighting fixtures anywhere in the venue with ease. Enjoy seamless and synchronized lighting effects across multiple fixtures for a truly mesmerizing visual experience.

Compact & High Powered

With six high-powered RGB LEDS, the Freedom Par T6 produces an impressive array of colors and smooth color mixing, enabling you to set the perfect ambiance and elevate the mood of any event. The built-in battery ensures hours of uninterrupted performance, making it ideal for extended shows and events.
Take full control of your lighting design using the user-friendly wireless DMX feature. Adjust colors, brightness, and create dazzling effects effortlessly, right from your fingertips.

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