Roland TM-6 PRO Acoustic Drum Trigger Module with Independent Volume Control and LED Indicators


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Roland TM-6 PRO Acoustic Drum Trigger Module with Independent Volume Control and LED Indicators

  • Roland TM-6 PRO Acoustic Drum Trigger Module with Independent Volume Control and LED Indicators 
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Roland TM-6 PRO Acoustic Drum Trigger Module with Independent Volume Control and LED Indicators

Life as a working drummer is not without pressure. From one job to the next, you will be expected to move fast and find the perfect drum sound, satisfying your audience, fellow musicians, engineers, and the all-important paying client. But that is a big challenge when you are playing on a traditional kit. Acoustics can vary drastically from venue to venue. Mixing engineers all take a different approach. You could be presented with unknown material with moments to spare or asked to replicate the drum sound from a studio recording. Adding the Roland TM-6 PRO Acoustic Drum Trigger Module to your favorite acoustic drum kit makes life much easier. Smart, simple, and discreet, this new trigger module gives you instant and reliable access to every drum sound in the book on every stage you play.

Choose the Perfect Tone for Your Drumming Style from 500 Premium Sampled Sounds

Every drummer feels the pressure when the clock is ticking, the band is waiting, and your kit does not sound quite right. The TM-6 PRO lets you walk into any gig and find your sound quickly. Roland TM-6 PRO Acoustic Drum Trigger Module is designed for hybrid drumming. This trigger module is preloaded with 500 new sampled sounds, from electronic and processed tones to acoustic drum sounds and sound elements. Drummers who dart between jobs can switch between libraries of sounds in seconds. Try electronic sounds, including fat-synth kicks, vintage drum machines, claps, and SFX, alongside processed sounds like compressed snares and kicks that cut through onstage. Get the best of the old-school, with exceptional-quality preloaded acoustic drum sounds, recorded at world-renowned studios like Real World and Rockfield. Enhance the attack of your snare and bring low-end power to your kick using sound elements. It is all at your fingertips.

Bring Expression to Your Playing with Onboard V-Drum Sounds

As a working drummer, it is vital that nothing kills your swing. You will make yourself even more employable with the Roland TM-6 PRO Acoustic Drum Trigger Module, which supplements its onboard sound library with natural and expressive V-Drum sounds. For drummers yet to explore the hybrid concept, this feature is hugely reassuring, letting you use the same playing technique as you would on acoustic drums. Even open and closed hi-hat control is possible using the V-Drums sounds and the hi-hat control connector on the module.

Recreate Signature Drum Tones from Studio Recordings

Whether you are playing in a covers band or touring with a major artist, pro drummers will often be asked to recreate the signature drum tone from a famous studio recording, and your reputation depends on getting it right. Rely on the Roland TM-6 PRO Acoustic Drum Trigger Module to nail any tone, thanks to the user sample feature that lets you import the exact sounds from the recorded track via an SD card and play them using your acoustic kit. And that is just the start. When your bandleader asks you for a fresh take, it is easy to customize those imported audio samples, combining them with the module’s built-in sounds, adding powerful onboard effects, or switching and mixing layered samples according to the strength of your stick hits.

The Ambitious First Step Towards a Hybrid Kit

As you evolve as a drummer, it is vital that your kit can grow, too. The Roland TM-6 PRO Acoustic Drum Trigger Module is the jump-off to an ambitious hybrid kit that could help you win more varied commissions. It is easier than you think to expand your acoustic kit, simply adding a selection of Roland’s pads, triggers, and pedals via the module’s six trigger inputs (maximum 12 pads with optional Y-cable) and then enjoying a kit that offers swing-style, and lightning-fast sound response. For flexibility, the Roland TM-6 PRO Acoustic Drum Trigger Module’s four direct outputs work as four mono channels or two stereo channels to process the sound individually (it is also possible to set six mono channels or three stereo channels when you set the main outputs to direct outputs). You could even assign a song track or click track to specific direct outputs. This is your kit, and you are in charge.

Switch Sounds Fast in the Heat of the Gig

Plans can change fast onstage-and that can spell headaches for a drummer playing a traditional kit. With the TM-6 PRO, you can relax and rely on this trigger module’s easy and intuitive operation. Using the front panel’s three Sound Modify knobs, you have fast and flexible editing options (without getting into deep menu editing), directly controlling standard parameters like Volume, Pitch, and Decay, alongside the variable +/- 2-octave pitch rate, which means it is easy to tune with acoustic drums. If you change the control knob group, then transient attack/release or MFX can be modified using these three knobs. And when you adjust the parameters of the 30 MFX types, the most influential parameters for each type are pre-assigned to a knob for intuitive editing. The Roland TM-6 PRO Acoustic Drum Trigger Module also gives you the edge in the studio, with the newly developed Transient effect that offers flexible control of attack and release. Whatever the musical director demands, you will be ready to deliver.

LED Indicators Give At-A-Glance Status and Complete Control

For live drummers, there is nothing more frustrating than troubleshooting your setup when you should be focused on your performance. In the heat of the gig, the TM-6 PRO gives you all the information you need fast, with LEDs that flash in response to each head or rim of six independent triggers and LED indicators around each sound modification knob that let you know the parameter value at a glance. It is a reassuring feature that means you will feel in complete control of your kit, leaving you free to put your heart into the drumming.

Drum Module

Audio FilesAudio file: WAV (44.1 kHz、16/24 bit), MP3 (*1)
User Sample ImportNumber of user sample: Maximum 1,000 (includes factory preloaded 500 user samples) Sound length (total): 48 minutes in mono, 24 minutes in stereo File formats that can be loaded: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16/24 bits)


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