Tama Iron Cobra 900 Velo Glide Stand with Quick-Set Hi-Hat Clutch and Non-Loosening Tension Rod


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Tama Iron Cobra 900 Velo Glide Stand with Quick-Set Hi-Hat Clutch and Non-Loosening Tension Rod

  • Tama Iron Cobra 900 Velo Glide Hi-Hat Stand with Quick-Set Clutch
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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Tama Iron Cobra 900 Velo Glide Stand with Quick-Set Hi-Hat Clutch and Non-Loosening Tension Rod

The perfect counterpart to Iron Cobra 900 Series bass drum pedals, the Tama Iron Cobra 900 Velo Glide Hi-Hat Stand offers incredibly sensitive, lightning-fast action, maximum adjustability, and completely noise-free operation. The latest innovation on these stands, the new ‘Quick-Set Clutch’, allows hi-hat cymbals to be quickly attached and removed. The Hinge Guard Block on the footboard holds the bearing more evenly, minimizing stress and maximizing smoothness.

Quick-Set Hi-Hat Clutch (US.PAT.NO.9812101)

With just one touch, the Quick-Set Clutch can be attached or removed - simply push the button on the side of the clutch. The clutch also allows the top hi-hat cymbal to float more freely, maximizing the natural resonance of the cymbals.

Non-Loosening Tension Rod

Specially shaped plastic and metal nuts fit together perfectly to keep the cymbal rod from loosening while playing.

Velo Glide

The response of the traditional pull hi-hat but with a more sophisticated design that eliminates the traditional noise and wobble.

Hinge Guard Block

Tama has changed the construction of the Bearing Hinge on the footplate from a one-piece assembly to two pieces, which holds the bearing more evenly minimizing stress, and maximizing smoothness while adding to the pedal's sense of power.

Swivel Foot

Since the foot pedal can be rotated around the dual leg base, the Swivel Foot feature greatly expands floor space and set-up flexibility.

Tilt System

Not only do Tilt-equipped stands offer more flexible set-ups, they also offer more expressive hi-hat work because you can tilt the hi-hat cymbal. Iron Cobra hi-hat stands can be tilted quickly and easily by loosening just one T-Bolt.

Dual Legs

The two-leg design is not only easier to set up in limited spaces, it's actually more secure than the standard three-leg design. The secret is in the small stabilizer under the footboard which effectively shifts the balance and strength of the stand toward the player. Since there's no steel plate under the footboard, Iron Cobra hi-hats are foldable for quick set-up, fast tear-down, and easy portability.


It's called a stand because it's not supposed to ‘walk’-and the Duo-Spike makes sure your Iron Cobra hi-hat stands in one place. You can easily switch from rubber to metal by using a standard drum key.

Spare-The-Rods Tension Rod Protector

No more tension rods getting bent out of shape during transport! With Spare-The-Rod, you can save your tension rod the rigors of the road by packing it in the specially designed upper section pipe. It's a small, but very significant TAMA hardware innovation. Simply insert the tension rod into the upper tube, hold the tension rod in place with the hi-hat clutch, and be done! The upper tube covers the tension rod.

Footboard Angle Adjustment

Like Iron Cobra pedals, footboard angles on Iron Cobra hi-hats can be adjusted. You can perfectly match the angle between the hi-hat footboard and the slave-side footboard of your double pedal.

Glide-Tite Grip Joint (US.PAT.NO.9631656)

The new Glide-Tite Grip Joint allows for a more secure attachment by using a metal-to-metal contact point. This provides an extremely solid anchor and complete isolation for a tom or cymbal. Because the stand does not move with the instrument, the natural resonance of that instrument is maximized.


Height Adjustment29 3/8 - 37 3/4"
Weight11.7 lb (5.2 kg)

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