Roland TD-50K2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Set with Prismatic Sound Modeling and Authentic Mesh Heads


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Roland TD-50K2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Set with Prismatic Sound Modeling and Authentic Mesh Heads

Loaded with Roland’s most expressive drum sounds and playing detection technologies to date, the Roland TD-50K2 V-Drums Electronic Drum Set delivers flagship-grade performance in a scaled-down size. The groundbreaking digital snare, ride, and hi-hat pads bring ultra-detailed playability to the three most nuanced pieces in the kit, complete with full-size playing surfaces for maximum drumming comfort. The next-generation TD-50X module provides unmatched tone, feel, and response, plus deep editing tools to personalize your sound and pro connectivity to take on any playing situation. Compact tom and kick pads minimize the overall footprint without sacrificing playability, making this kit a great choice for home playing, small stages, and anywhere that space is tight.

V-Drums TD-50X Series Performance

Experience the TD-50K2's sound, expression, and playability in this inspiring performance. This detailed overview explores why the V-Drums TD-50K2 represent the evolution of Roland’s flagship electronic drums. Learn about the new VH-14D Digital Hi-Hats, 70 preset kits with powerful editing and customization, the ability to mix outside of the module, multichannel USB audio, and more.

Prismatic Sound Modeling - Feel the Difference

The Prismatic Sound Modeling in the TD-50X makes electronic drums come to life like no other system can, infusing multi-layer samples recorded in world-class studios with sophisticated behavior modeling techniques refined over more than two decades. Inspired by a prism that refracts a single ray of light into every color in the spectrum, Roland’s revolutionary approach produces an unlimited array of sonic colors with every stick hit. The initial attack is followed by a complex mix of rich overtones, just like playing acoustic drums and cymbals. You can feel the sound changing in reaction to your expression, creating that magical, interactive bond that fully immerses you in the emotion of the moment. From subtle ghost notes and detailed articulations to the loudest and most intense playing, your drumming has no boundaries with the TD-50X.

Roland Digital Pads- A Revolution in Electronic Drumming

Roland’s breakthrough digital pad technology fully realizes the vast expressive potential made possible with Prismatic Sound Modeling. Multi-sensor detection in the snare, ride, and hi-hat pads works with the lightning-fast processing in the TD-50X module to bring authentic acoustic nuance and detail to these core kit pieces. All your playing techniques translate seamlessly, such as subtly touching the ride to mute the sound or switching at will between head, rimshot, and cross-stick playing on the snare. The game-changing VH-14D completes the experience, offering touch sensitivity, tonal variation, and open/closed resolution never available in electronic hi-hats until now.

Authentic Mesh Heads

The TD-50K2 features Roland’s famous multi-ply mesh heads, with a three-layer head on the snare and two-layer heads on the toms, providing natural stick resistance and rebound for an ultra-satisfying feel and response. Just like drumheads on acoustic drums, you can tweak the tension to your preference with a standard drum key. And since Roland’s mesh heads produce very little acoustic noise, the TD-50K2 is perfect for both quiet practice sessions with headphones and live performance setups that require complete volume control on stage.

Save Space with No Compromise

The TD-50K2 is the ideal solution when you want the very best V-Drum performance in a space-saving footprint. With the TD-50X module and digital snare, ride, and hi-hat pads, you get all the key components from the top-of-the-line TD-50KV2. Three 10-inch tom pads and the KD-140 kick strike the perfect balance of reduced size and authentic playability, while 14-inch and 16-inch crash cymbal pads provide large-diameter playing surfaces and thin profiles for a natural feel and swinging motion.

Instantly Gratifying

Imagine acoustic drums that are mixed, processed, and mixed in a world-class studio. That is what you get when you call up a preset on the TD-50X. Developed with top drummers and recording engineers, these inspiring kits let you take on any style at the touch of a button, from traditional jazz to full-throttle metal.

A Studio at Your Fingertips

After you’ve tweaked the details of your kit, bring it to mix-ready perfection with the TD-50X’s impressive array of pro studio tools. Adjust mic settings for various kit elements, then dial in sounds with EQs, compressors, and other processing. And for spaciousness and color, tap into the wide selection of high-quality reverbs and multi-effects.

Roland KD-140-BC 14-Inch V-Kick Trigger Bass Drum Twin Pedal with Natural Feel, Black Chrome

The Roland KD-140-BC Black Chrome V-Kick Drum Pedal asserts its presence on stage. Like the three types of V-pads (PD-128S-BC, PD-128-BC, and PD-108-BC), the shell color is black and chrome. The stability of the twin pedals for powerful performances, the natural playing feel of the mesh head, and the high level of design are also major attractions.

Roland TD-50K2 Drum Stand

The Roland MDS-Grand 2 Drum Stand provides a rock-solid foundation for the flagship TD-50K2 and any other V-Drums kit. This rugged rack stand allows you to set up a wide, comfortable playing spread when you have the room, and there is plenty of adjustment range in the tom holders and cymbal arms to create a tighter configuration when space is limited.

Drum Kit

Drum Kit ComponentsDrum sound module: TD-50X x 1 Snare: PD-140DS x 1 Tom: PDX-100 x 3 Hi-hat: VH-14D x 1 Crash1: CY-14C-T x 1 Crash2: CY-16R-T x 1 Ride: CY-18DR x 1 Kick: KD-140-BC x 1 Drum stand: MDS-GND2 x 1


Weight101 lb

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