MagMod Professional Strobe Kit of Reflector XL, MagSphere XL Diffuser, MagGrid XL 40 and XL 20


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MagMod Professional Strobe Kit of Reflector XL, MagSphere XL Diffuser, MagGrid XL 40 and XL 20

  • MagMod Professional Strobe Kit of Reflector XL, MagSphere XL Diffuser, MagGrid XL 40 and XL 20
  • MagMod Reflector XL
  • MagMod MagSphere XL Diffuser
  • MagMod MagGrid XL 40 Modifier
  • MagMod MagGrid XL 20 Modifier
  • MagMod 1/4 CTO, 1/2 CTO and Full CTO Dome Gel (1 Each)
  • MagMod Case XL

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MagMod Professional Strobe Kit of Reflector XL, MagSphere XL Diffuser, MagGrid XL 40 and XL 20

Providing total control for studio robes, MagMod Professional Strobe Kit includes the Reflector XL, MagSphere XL, MagGrid XL 40, MagGrid XL 20, 1/4 CTO, three CTO Dome Gels, and a Case.

Reflector XL

A highly durable and first-of-its-kind collapsible reflector, the MagMod Reflector is optimized for gels. The MagMod Reflector XL has an easy-to-store and transport collapsible design. It can create two light patterns from a single reflector allowing for versatile use and dramatic results. It features a durable build that can outlast premium metal reflectors. It has a durable silicone construction and an embedded hardened steel ring. The Reflector XL is optimized for use with gels and is the only universally adaptable strobe modifier that is compatible with multiple Dome gels. This gives you instant control over the color intensity and depth of your flash. The collapsible Reflector XL boasts the latest and most innovative hybrid silicone design. It has a highly-reflective inner material featuring a metallic flake coating for consistent results.

MagSphere XL

The MagSphere XL is an affordable omnidirectional diffuser for soft and beautiful light. This diffuser lets you shape your flash into a bare-bulb light source that can be used in both off-camera environments as well as in professional studios. Magsphere XL is made of molded flexible silicone and features quick and easy-to-attach magnetic attachments. You can transform your LED light source into a lantern-style light to increase the light’s size while keeping the high light output intact. This diffuser has the features of the highly successful MagSphere 2 and has been enhanced for use with strobe flashes larger in size. This can be done by using the MagRing 2 or XL Reflector.

MagGrid XL 40 and 20

An enhanced reinvention of its bestselling predecessor, the MagGrid 2, the MagGrid XL is perfect for large strobe flashes. It features the high-quality magnetic modular silicone rubber design that is synonymous with MagGrid 2 but with better additions. Add this modifier to your Reflector XL to attain precise control over your lighting angles. This noise-free and quick attachment of the XL 40 has a traditional 40-degree beam that makes it ideal for on-location portraits or any place that demands tight light control. The newly introduced 20-degree beam results in an even tighter cone of light. If you stack them one upon another, it will give you snoot-like control. Made from industrial-grade silicone rubber, the squishable MagGrid XL is invincibly strong and will not get damaged even if it gets run over by a car.

Dome Gels

Enjoy precise color calibration using any strobe with the MagMod Dome Gels. For dramatic results, stack multiple dome gels in precision color effects while using the Reflector XL or MagBox Pro. These gels can be paired with any strobe flash design for versatile usage. They offer advanced color control, enabling professionals of all levels to achieve perfection. These gels are carefully formulated to give color balance and are consistent for speedlight flashes with Pro Gels. The rigid polycarbonate gel material makes it indestructible, such that even if you stamp it with your feet or accidentally crush it under your camera equipment, it will show no signs of damage.

Case XL

The semi-rigid construction of the MagMod Case XL makes it durable to protect your modifiers, and at the same time retain its lightweight. Specially designed for your MagMod XL Modifiers, the case has a dynamic and adjustable strap. You can strap it to the base of your light stand to use it as a counterweight or as a storage system. This improves the stability of your light and also provides storage. It makes for an optimized storage solution for MagMod XL products.


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