Nord Stage 3 HP76 76-Key Hammer-Action Keyboard Bundle with Nord Piano Monitors V2 (Pair)


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Nord Stage 3 HP76 76-Key Hammer-Action Portable Keybed

  • Nord Stage 3 HP76 76-Key Hammer-Action Portable Keybed
  • Dust Cover
  • Sustain Pedal
  • Power Cord
  • USB Cord
  • User Manual

Nord Piano Monitor V2 Active Stereo Speakers (Pair)

  • Nord Piano Monitor V2 Active Stereo Speakers (Pair)
  • Piano Monitor Brackets
  • Stereo Audio Cables (2 x 1/4-Inch), 0.5m and 1.5m
  • Mono Audio Cable 1/4-Inch Between Left and Right Speaker (1.2m)
  • Power Cables US and EU
  • Rubber Feet
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Knox Gear Z-Style Adjustable Keyboard Stand

Knox Gear Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Bench

2 X Knox Gear 1/4in TRS to 1/4inTRS Cable (6-Feet)

  • Knox Gear 1/4in. TRS to 1/4in. TRS Cable (6-Feet)
  • Knox Gear 1-Year Warranty

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Nord Stage 3 HP76 76-Key Hammer-Action Keyboard Bundle with Nord Piano Monitors V2 (Pair)

The Nord Stage 3 HP76 76-Key Fully Weighted Hammer Action Portable Keybed is the ultimate instrument for the performing musician. This bundle from Focus Camera includes the Nord Stage 3 HP76 76-Key Hammer-Action Portable Keybed, stereo speakers, a keyboard stand, a keyboard bench, and two TRS cables.

Nord Stage 3 HP76 76-Key Hammer-Action Portable Keybed

The Nord Stage 3 HP76 76-Key Fully Weighted Hammer Action Portable Keybed is the ultimate instrument for the performing musician. It features the Nord Lead A1 Synth Engine with sample playback, Nord C2D organ, a greatly enhanced Piano Section and extensive hands-on Effects - all in one exceptional performance keyboard.

Optimum Performance

This keyboard features two super-clear OLED displays for on-stage clarity offering excellent overview when selecting sounds and editing programs, Seamless Transitions when changing programs/sounds, extended Split functionality with optional crossfade, and the addition of the Song List mode makes the Nord Stage 3 Keyboard more intuitive and flexible than ever before for the live performer. It has three sound generating sections; Piano, Organ and Synthesizer, all of which can be used simultaneously.

Song Mode

The Song Mode lets you easily organize a group of Programs for each specific song in the list. Each song can consist of up to 5 different Programs, freely assignable from your existing Programs. You can create unique Song Lists for different bands or situations and the names and order can be easily customized on the fly without connecting it to a computer.

Advanced Split Functionality with Optional Crossfade

This Keyboard features three Split Zones and a new Split Point Crossfade functionality. You can choose among 3 different crossfade widths (small, large or off) indicated by different LED colors.

Fatar Keybed

Each Fatar keybed is meticulously calibrated to ensure an even response over the whole range. The Nord Stage 3 HP76 keybed uses amazingly portable weighted hammer action piano keys, limiting the weight of the of the keyboard to only 27.3 lb at key range E-G.

Piano Section

The greatly enhanced Piano section features doubled memory (2 GB) for the exclusive Nord Piano Library, 120 voice polyphony and creative Piano Filters. It features a wide selection of Grands, Uprights, Electric Pianos, Digital Pianos, Clavinet, and Harpsichord from the Nord Piano Library - all handpicked for their unique characters! The Piano section also features a brand new “Layer” category with rich dynamic layered patches. In addition, the unique Advanced String Resonance and Dynamic Pedal Noise features deliver breathtaking realism and an unsurpassed level of expressiveness.

Organ Section

This Fully Weighted Hammer Action Keybed features C2D Organ simulations of extremely authentic B3 Tonewheel with four different tone wheel settings and Vintage Transistor Organs plus two Principal Pipe Organs. Two different Organ models can be used simultaneously and the updated vintage 122 Rotary Speaker simulation is also available for each slot independently. The Organ section also features impeccable simulations of the classic 1960’s Transistor Organs, Vox Continental and Farfisa Compact with all the classic settings.

Synth Section

The Synth section features the Nord Lead A1 Synth Engine combined with Sample Playback and a brilliant OLED display for all Oscillator functions. The Engine is renowned for its analog-modelling warmth, and utilizes brilliant Smart Oscillator Configurations to deliver stunning results with little programming. There are both Single oscillator setups including Pitch and Shape modes, and Dual oscillator setups including Detune, Sync, Waveform, Bell and Noise Mix modes, FM and Ring Mod. 

Effects and Filters

The Effect section of this piano features a Filter Effect, extended morphable parameters, an enhanced Delay effect and a separate Reverb and Compressor for each slot. You can choose from Tremolo, two Wahs, an Auto-Wah, and AutoPan. Use the AutoWah with a Clavinet for raw funk licks, create a psychedelic vibe with an Electric Piano on AutoPan, or give a Wurlitzer some body using the Tremolo.

Nord Piano Monitor V2 Active Stereo Speakers (Pair)

The Nord Piano Monitor system is exclusively engineered for optimal dynamic reproduction of the electric and acoustic pianos in the Nord Piano Library. Developed to give you the optimal nearfield listening the compact Nord Piano Monitor system lets you experience the true character of our renowned piano sounds with impressive depth and dynamics – a natural extension of our instruments.  

Piano Monitor Brackets

For the ultimate nearfield listening experience the Nord Piano Monitor speakers can be mounted to the Nord Piano 4, Nord Piano 5 73/88, Nord Grand, and Nord Stage 3 Rev B (88 and HP76) using the included Monitor Brackets. The Monitors can also be attached directly to standard microphone stands.

Dual Inputs

The Nord Piano Monitors feature an additional auxiliary audio input for connecting a laptop or smartphone - perfect for playing along, rehearsing, or just listening to music.

Knox Gear Z-Style Adjustable Keyboard Stand

The Knox Gear Z-Style keyboard stand is an advanced style stand that provides reliable strength and support. The unique Z-style is incredibly sturdy, which is great for energetic performances. The foam pads on top of each arm helps even further in keeping your keyboard in place. The open design on the bottom of the stand gives you plenty of room for effect pedals and cabling. It's also super adjustable, achieving a wide range of heights and widths that you can lock in place.

Sturdy Reinforced Design

The special reinforced Z design of this Knox Gear keyboard stand provides extra support to accommodate even the heaviest instruments. Its reinforced design gives this stand a maximum load weight of 45 pounds, so you can use it with a wide variety of keyboards. Thanks to the sturdy design of this stand, it can support almost any keyboard - from ultra-portable 49-key models all the way to full-sized 88-key instruments.

Infinitely Adjustable Width

Many keyboard stands are only adjustable in set increments, but the Knox Gear Z-Style Keyboard stand has an infinitely adjustable width. This keyboard stand features a special sliding lock that allows the stand to be adjusted to any height between 24 and 41 inches. This makes the keyboard stand ideal for any size keyboard regardless of how short or long it is.

Fourteen Height Settings

This keyboard stand is designed with a wide height range to accommodate musicians of nearly any height regardless of if they prefer to sit or stand while playing. This stand has 14 height settings and can be adjusted in one-inch increments from 23 all the way to 35 inches. Once you find your desired height, the stand's arms are held in place by a metal peg and bolt that are easy to loosen so height adjustments can be made quickly.

Foam Padded Arms

The arms of this Knox Gear keyboard stand have foam pads on the front and back. These pads hold your keyboard in place as you play to prevent slippage. They also provide a soft surface for the keyboard to rest on to prevent scratches or gashes from forming in the body.

Knox Gear Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Bench

The Knox Gear Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Bench is an extremely comfortable seat, great for practice or playing shows on the road. A double thick, padded seat cushion provides ultimate comfort and support while playing for long periods of time. The adjustable height and sturdy frame make it the perfect choice for children and adult musicians of all experience levels.


2-inch Padded Cushion

250 lbs Weight Capacity

4 Height Settings: 19” to 24”

Sturdy & Stable Design

Rubber Tipped Feet

Folds Flat (Some Disassembly Required)


An extra-strong X configuration offers maximum stability and support. Safely supports up to 250 lbs. Perfect for children and adults of any height.


Portable and travel-friendly with the ability to fold down completely for compact storage. Since the bench is built for ultimate stability, it will not fold flat without first disassembling the legs and cushion. This premium engineering feature provides superior stability for longer lifetime quality when compared to quicker flat-folding benches.


The feet are capped with rubber tips that grip the floor effectively to prevent scooting, rocking, or sliding during use. The rubber end caps also prevent scuffs, scratches, and damage to floors and stages.


Maintaining proper posture is important when playing the piano or keyboard. Not only does it help you play better, but it also reduces the chances of injury. 2” of premium cushioning provides superior comfort and firm support. Helps maintain good posture while playing. Great for rehearsals and long practice sessions.


Pre-drilled holes allow users to adjust the height of the bench between 19 and 24 inches high. A metal bolt with a plastic knob makes the adjustment process easy.

Knox Gear 1/4in TRS to 1/4inTRS Cable (6-Feet)

Knox Gear 1/4in TRS to 1/4in TRS Cable (6-Feet) is a heavy-duty cable for connecting your guitar or other electric instrument to an amplifier.

Ideal for Gigging

At 6 feet long, this cable is perfect for touring or live sound applications. This male-to-male cable can be attached to any standard amplifier from a guitar, bass, electric keyboard or other compatible instrument.

Nord Stage 3 HP76 76-Key Hammer-Action Keyboard Bundle with Nord Piano Monitors V2 (Pair)



Nord Stage 3 HP76 76-Key Hammer-Action Portable Keybed


Keyboard Size76 Key



Nord Piano Monitor V2 Active Stereo Speakers (Pair)


Weight5,5 kg


Audio InputBalanced (1/4")

Knox Gear Z-Style Adjustable Keyboard Stand


Height Adjustment23-35"



Knox Gear Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Bench


Frame ColorBlack
Maximum Weight Capacity250

Knox Gear 1/4in TRS to 1/4inTRS Cable (6-Feet)


Pack SizeSingle Pack

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