Rode Rodecaster Pro II Console with Rode NT1 Kit (Pair), NTH-100 Headphones (Pair), and Boom Arms


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Rode RODECaster Pro II Integrated Audio Production Studio

  • Rode RODECaster Pro II Integrated Audio Production Studio
  • 1 x RCP II
  • 1 x Power Adaptor,
  • 1 x AC Power Cable,
  • 1 x SC27 USB-C to USB-C cable

2 X Rode NT1 1-Inch Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package

  • Rode NT1 1-Inch Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package
    • Rode NT1 1-Inch Cardioid Condenser Microphone
    • Rode SM6 Suspension Shockmount
    • Microphone Dust Cover

2 X Rode NTH-100 Professional Over-Ear Headphone

  • Rode NTH-100 Professional Over-Ear Headphone
  • 1 x NTH-100 Headphones 
  • 1 x 2.4m Cable
  • 1 x 3.5mm to ¼ inch Adaptor 
  • 1 x COLORS ID Set 
  • 1 x Storage Pouch
  • Limited 2-year warranty & customer service

2 X Knox Gear Desktop Boom Arm Microphone Stand

  • Knox Gear Desktop Boom Arm Microphone Stand
  • Desk Mounting Clamp
  • 5/8 in. to 3/8 in. Adapter
  • Knox Gear 1-Year Warranty

SanDisk Ultra 32GB 100MB/s UHS-I Class 10 microSDHC Card

  • SanDisk Ultra 32GB 100MB/s UHS-I Class 10 microSDHC Card
  • Limited 5-Year Warranty

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Rode Rodecaster Pro II Console with Rode NT1 Kit (Pair), NTH-100 Headphones (Pair), and Boom Arms

Rode RODECaster Pro II Integrated Audio Production Studio

All-In-One Audio Production Solution

The RØDECaster Pro II is the ultimate audio production solution for streamers, podcasters, musicians, and content creators. Combining revolutionary features with superior sound quality, unmatched ease of use, and endless customizability, it is all any creator will ever need to record incredible audio. 

Rode RODECaster Pro II Integrated Audio Production Studio

A Powerful All-In-One Audio Production Solution

The RØDECaster Pro II is the ultimate audio production solution for streamers, podcasters, musicians, and content creators. Combining revolutionary features with superior sound quality, unmatched ease of use, and endless customizability, it is all any creator will ever need to record incredible audio. 

Content Creation Made Easy

Combining all of the elements typically found in professional podcasting, streaming, or studio setup into one powerful, easy-to-use console, the RØDECaster Pro II simplifies the audio production process, allowing any creator to get set up to record high-quality content in seconds. The large (5.5-inch) high-definition, full-color touchscreen with haptic feedback, tactile rotary encoder, bright RGB color-coding, and hands-on controls make navigating the RØDECaster Pro II super simple. Pre-loaded presets and the intuitive VoxLab™ processing editor make capturing professional-quality sound effortless. From setting up a microphone channel to programming the SMART pads, every feature has been designed to maximize creativity. For maximum convenience, every function can be controlled on-board via the user-friendly interface or with a computer via RØDE Central. 

Exceptional Sound for Everyone

The RØDECaster Pro II offers an unparalleled feature set designed to make anyone sound exceptional every time they hit record. Four studio-grade Neutrik combo inputs with our ultra-low-noise, high-gain Revolution Preamps deliver astonishing clarity and transparency with any microphone or instrument. Users can craft their own unique sound with a full suite of studio-quality APHEX processors, including the legendary Aural Exciter™, Big Bottom™, and Compellor™, and powerful onboard effects, including reverb, delay, pitch shifting, robot effects, and more. A high-performance quad-core audio engine delivers significantly more processing power than any other content creation console on the market and unlocks huge potential for future updates.

Creative Freedom with Endless Customisation

Every podcast, every stream, every studio is different. The RØDECaster Pro II is designed to adapt to any creative vision, with endless customizability allowing users to design their perfect setup no matter what kind of content they are creating.

Processing and Effects

Every APHEX processor and onboard effect is fully adjustable using the onboard editor or with a computer using RODE Central. Users can fine-tune every processing parameter using the advanced editor or achieve pro results in seconds using VoxLab™ 

Saving ‘Shows’

All of the RODECaster Pro II’s settings, including the mixer configuration, SMART pads, and APHEX processing, can be saved on board as a ‘Show’ and loaded at any time. Perfect for creators who are producing multiple shows, streams, or different kinds of content.


The RØDECaster Pro II has SMART pads. As the name suggests, these can be used for so much more than just triggering music, jingles, or sound effects. Each pad can be customized to perform a variety of functions including activating voice effects, sending MIDI commands to external software and hardware for everything from changing scenes in streaming software to triggering samples in a DAW, and activating mixer actions, such as fade-ins and fade-outs, ducking and profanity muting. Eight banks of pads can be easily accessed via the dedicated bank switching buttons, allowing users to access a total of 64 unique actions.

The Mixer

The RØDECaster Pro II has a highly flexible mixer featuring nine channels: six channels with broadcast-quality physical faders and three virtual channels, with the option to expand via digital hosting and hardware integrations with future updates. These are individually assignable, meaning the four analog inputs, USB and Bluetooth interfaces, and SMART pads can be allocated to any of the physical faders or virtual channels in any order. 

The Perfect Audio Control Centre FOR Any Setup

The RØDECaster Pro II offers unrivaled connectivity with a wide range of devices, unlocking more creative possibilities, more streamlined workflows, and easier integration with other equipment than ever before. It’s the perfect audio control center for any creator’s setup. The four Neutrik combo inputs allow mic, line, and instrument level devices to be connected for recording everything from a single microphone for streaming to a multitracked Livestream with vocals, keys, and guitar. There are also four high-power headphone outputs and ¼-inch balanced line outputs for connecting speakers. Advanced Bluetooth connectivity with wideband speech can be used for ultra-high-quality phone call integration, crystal-clear audio streaming, wireless monitoring, and more. Dual USB-C interfaces allow two computers or mobile devices to be connected simultaneously, unlocking huge potential for everything from remote podcasting to organizing complex streaming setups. Users can record in stereo or multitrack to either an onboard microSD™ card, a USB storage device, or directly to a computer, with ultra-fast data transfer. The RØDECaster Pro II also features Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections, which offer high-speed communication with computers and other devices for updating firmware wirelessly, software and hardware integrations, and more. 

Rode NT1 1-Inch Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package

The NT1 is a revolutionary new 1-inch diaphragm condenser microphone from Rode. Although the body of the new NT1 closely resembles the NT1-A (available separately), the microphone has been completely redesigned from the ground up, with the only shared component being the mesh grille. It has been developed with a focus on detailed midrange response, coupled with silky smooth high frequencies, and warm, round, bass reproduction to make the NT1 an absolute standout in its class.

Combination of Innovation and Tradition

Rode’s design engineers approached the NT1 as a marriage of innovation and tradition, starting with the capsule which is a completely updated design. Codenamed the HF6, it is the perfect example of Rode’s fusion of artistic design approaches and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, and features a sound signature reminiscent of the famous microphones of old while at the same time exhibiting extremely low noise.

Incredibly Quiet Microphone

The transducer of this microphone itself is suspended inside the microphone using Rycote’s industry-leading Lyre system, minimizing external vibrations at the capsule level. The capsule is then married to high-grade electronics that have been designed to provide the lowest noise level of any studio microphone available. The NT1 is an incredibly quiet microphone, measuring only 4.5dBA of self-noise.

Durable Construction

Its body is machined from 6061 aluminum and then nickel plated for resistance against corrosion. Finally it is coated in a durable, military-grade ceramic layer, using advanced electrostatic application techniques developed by Rode to ensure an extremely hard wearing finish that is resistant to scratches or marks.

Included Shockmount

The NT1 is supplied with the SM6, a high-quality suspension shockmount that provides isolation from external physical factors that may cause unwanted rumble and vibrations in the microphone. It includes a removable pop shield with two axes of adjustment and a telescopic arm for ultimate application versatility.

Rode NTH-100 Professional Over-Ear Headphone

The RØDE NTH-100s are professional over-ear headphones that are perfect for all forms of content creation, including mixing, audio and video production, location recording, podcasting and streaming. Combining exceptional sonic performance, superior comfort and iconic looks, the NTH-100s offer an incredible aural experience that inspires creativity.

Audio as it's meant to be heard

The NTH-100s are designed to preserve the purity of what you are creating. Featuring custom-matched drivers that deliver an extremely accurate frequency response and a state-of-the-art acoustic design optimized for exceptional detail and clarity, they offer an incredibly articulate listening experience. They are very natural-sounding headphones with a sound signature akin to open-backs, but with all the advantages of closed-backs, including passive isolation from external sounds and no leakage into your room or microphones. The unique ergonomic earcups are contoured to the shape of the ear for superior acoustic performance, with memory foam cushions ensuring excellent isolation from external noise. They are low-impedance and high-sensitivity headphones, making them very easy to drive with any interface, mixer, or headphone amplifier

Most comfortable headphones ever. Period.

The NTH-100s feature luxurious Alcantara® fabric on the earpad and headband cushions. This is a premium material often used in sports cars and high-end fashion. It is supremely comfortable to the touch – highly breathable and very soft – and extremely durable (more on this later). The earpads also feature our revolutionary CoolTech™ gel integrated into the cushions, which absorbs and dissipates heat, actively cooling your ears to reduce wearing fatigue. This feature is invaluable for creators who often find themselves in long, arduous sessions – from mixing engineers to podcasters. The balanced frequency response of the NTH-100s is also perfect for long sessions as it reduces listening fatigue that can be caused by pronounced frequencies common in other headphones.

The ergonomic earcups are incredibly comfortable and also feature a bi-directional adjustment system and memory foam cushions, which not only ensure excellent sound isolation but also give the headphones a custom-fit feel for any head size or shape (even for people who wear glasses). They also feature cable attachments on both the left and right earcups, with cables available in both 2.4m and 1.2m variants for maximum convenience. Finally, the NTH-100s feature a fully adjustable headband with our innovative FitLok™ locking system that secures the earcups in place, so they feel exactly how you remember them every time you put them on. 

Style in a class of its own

The NTH-100s not only sound and feel incredible, but they also ooze style. The perfect marriage of classic aesthetics and cutting-edge industrial design. An instant icon. The Alcantara® cushions give the headphones a premium look and feel, complemented by the clean lines and high-grade finishes of the earcups and headband. The ergonomic earcup design is not only acoustically optimal but also aesthetically unique, topped off by the iconic RØDE ‘Ø’ and gold dot. The NTH-100s also feature a modular design: the earpads, headband, and cable are all user-customizable, with four colors available (after launch and sold separately).

Built for creative endurance

Like all RØDE products, the NTH-100s are precision-engineered using the highest quality components and built to withstand the rigors of creating day in, day out. Every element of their construction has been meticulously designed for longevity: the headband is high-grade stainless spring steel with a highly durable coating; the Alcantara® earpad and headband cushions are extremely resistant to wear and tear; the earpads and headband are both user-replaceable and can be taken off in seconds; and the flexible, easy-roll cable is also highly durable and user-replaceable. The bi-directional earcup adjustment design is incredibly sturdy and the FitLok headband locking system minimizes movement when the headphones aren’t in use. The NTH-100s also come with a storage pouch for keeping them safe on the road or in the field.

Unmatched durability

From the beginning, we set out to make a pair of headphones that, in addition to looking, sounding, and feeling incredible, was also supremely tough. Every decision regarding design elements, materials and construction details was made to ensure the highest level of reliability and durability, with a rigorous testing process validating each choice we made. The stainless spring steel headband was tested under extreme pressure over 20,000 times (equating to roughly 25 years of daily use) to ensure it will never wear out. Every component was made to last, right down to the wire that links the earcups. These are rated to withstand over 25kg of force, so if it gets snagged on something in your bag, it will not stretch or break

Knox Gear Desktop Boom Arm Microphone Stand

Getting into podcasting, broadcasting, music or voice acting can be intimidating. Equipment can be prohibitively expensive, yet you know that if anything goes wrong, it can lead to a host of audio issues. This is why it's crucially important to use gear you can trust.

The Knox Gear Desktop Boom Arm Microphone Stand provides a seamless experience from setup through recording. You’ll love the durable quality, ease of installation, and complete control and adjustability.

Mounts to Desk or Full Stand

The Knox Gear Desktop Boom Arm Microphone Stand can be mounted to the included clamping base or to a floor stand. Easily remove the boom arm from the base and reinstall if you need to. Plus, there is a 3/8 in. adapter in the box just in case the 5/8 in. thread does not fit your equipment.

Easily Adjustable

The arm can be rotated 360 degrees to adjust the direction of the microphone. Thanks to a super-strong spring with an extra positioning screw, the Desktop Boom Arm Microphone Stand can also be adjusted to bear more weight if necessary. Locking knobs help adjust the tension to your needs.

SanDisk Ultra 32GB 100MB/s UHS-I Class 10 microSDHC Card

Ideal for Android-powered and other smartphones and tablets, the SanDisk Ultra 32GB 100MB/s UHS-I Class 10 microSDHC Card offers ultra-fast speeds for better pictures and Full HD video. Take advantage of ultra-fast transfer speeds of up to 100MB/s to save time moving photos and videos from the card to your computer. With Class 10 speed rating, you’ll be ready to capture high-quality Full HD video (1080p).

Rode Rodecaster Pro II Console with Rode NT1 Kit (Pair), NTH-100 Headphones (Pair), and Boom Arms


Power Consumption30 W


Weight1950g (Pounds: 4.3)

Rode RODECaster Pro II Integrated Audio Production Studio


Power Consumption30 W


Weight1950g (Pounds: 4.3)

Rode NT1 1-Inch Cardioid Condenser Microphone Package


Mounting TypeShock Mount
Included FiltersPop Filter


Form FactorOther
Operating PrinciplePressure Gradient

Rode NTH-100 Professional Over-Ear Headphone


Driver Size40mm

Knox Gear Desktop Boom Arm Microphone Stand



SanDisk Ultra 32GB 100MB/s UHS-I Class 10 microSDHC Card


Storage Capacity32 GB

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