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Shooting photographs under water can be exhilarating and can produce uncommonly exceptional results for those who are willing to be daring and adventurous.

But even the most skilled photographer will require the right combination of equipment in order to achieve these dazzling outcomes. The range of underwater camera accessories for sale at Focus Camera can let the creative side of any photographer come out and run wild — er, swim wild.

Waterproof cases, underwater housing, lens ports, balance weights and other accessories for Olympus, Canon, Sony and Vivitar cameras can enhance the underwater photography experience. Waterproof as deep as 130 feet beneath the surface, the Sony MPK-URX100A Underwater Housing for RX100-Series Cameras features an accessory shoe for an optional flash, a three-holed screw mount for an optional battery grip, dual gaskets and large shutter button and zoom levers. With a depth range down to 197 feet below water, the Sony Underwater Housing for HDR-AS50 Action Cam with 16GB MicroSD Card Bundle has a flat surface face and secure buttons to control your experience underwater while protecting against sand, dirt, dust and mud.

You can retain access to virtually all camera functions with the Canon WP-DC54 Waterproof Case for the PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera with a fiber optic and wireless strobe connection, a flat lens port built in, a diffuser for the flash and a depth rating to 130 feet.

The Vivitar Floating Action Camera Grip will prevent your camera from sinking if you drop it in the water and has an adjustable wrist strap to keep the camera nearby while still allowing the use of both hands.

Family-owned since 1966, Focus Camera, the photography destination for beginners to professionals, offers free same-day shipping on many of these underwater photography accessories.


  1. Olympus Housing UW PT-EP06L V6300520U000 by Olympus

    Olympus Housing UW PT-EP06L

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    • Waterproof up to 45m
    • Target Light ideal for macro photography
    • Rotary buckle closure design
    • Bundled with a diffuser
    • Two fiber optic cable connectors

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  2. case 1.jpg

    Canon Waterproof Case for PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera

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    • Safe to Use Underwater at a Max Depth of 130 Feet
    • Fiber-Optic/Wireless Strobe Connection
    • Mechanical Controls Enable Access to Virtually All Camera Functions
    • Built-in Diffuser Softens the Light of the Camera's Flash, Minimizing Backscatter, Glare, and Hard Shadows
    • Cold Shoe Mount Enables the Connection of Accessories, Such as Optional Lighting Arms or External Flash Units
    • Built-in Flat Port Fits and Protects the Camera's Lens
    • Supplied Neck Strap and Wrist Strap Offer Extra Security to Prevent the Housing and Camera From Slipping out of Your Grasp

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  3. pioneer 1.jpg

    Pioneer Photo Storage Box (Assorted Colors) - TWO PACK

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    • Holds over 1,100 photos (up to 4x7) or 10 VHS video cassettes.
    • Acid free quality board construction.
    •  Includes 12 divider index cards for easy classification.
    • Inside Dimensions: 10-13/16 x 7-5/16 x 4-1/4.
    • Outside Dimensions: 11 x 7-1/2 x 4-1/2.

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  4. 1452116140000_1211911.jpg

    Sony Underwater Housing for HDR-AS50 Action Cam

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    • Depth Rating of 197'
    • Protects Against Sand, Dirt, Dust & Mud
    • Same as Original HDR-AS50 Housing

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  5. 41fv1UELpIL.jpg

    KNEKT KTP18 Trigger Pole for GoPro HERO3+, HERO4 w/ Record Button

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    • Water-Friendly Trigger Mechanism
    • One-Handed Control of GoPro HERO
    • No Need for Batteries or Wi-Fi Remote
    • Single-Pivot-Point Mechanism
    • One-Click Image Capture
    • Stainless steel and Aluminum Spring-Return Trigger Mechanism
    • Use In and Out of Saltwater.
    • Sealed and Waterproof
    • 18-inch Pole

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  6. watercase 1.jpeg

    Sony MPK-URX100A Underwater Housing for RX100-Series Cameras

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    • Excellent Water Resistance at a Depth Level of 40 m / 130 ft
    • Features a Rotary Lens-Ring Dial, Large Lever Shutter Button, and Zoom Lever
    • Allows Use of Camera's Built-in Flash
    • Comes with Detachable Diffuser for Minimizing Vignette
    • 67 mm Filter Thread for Lens and Filters Color Correction
    • Compatible with Sony Cyber-Shot RX100 Series Cameras
    • Features Large Shutter Button and Zoom Levers

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