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Soft Effects & Contrast

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    Tiffen 812 43mm Warming Filter

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    • Ideal for portrait or scenic photography 
    • Absorbs blue cast often caused by electronic flash
    • Adds warmth to pale, washed-out flesh tones
    • Warmer results than Tiffen Sky 1-A filter 

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    Tiffen 58mm Warm Black Pro Mist 3 Hollywood FX Filter

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    • Great for portraits and scenic photography 
    • Adds natural warmth to skin tones, exterior shade and highlight areas
    • Eliminates pale, washed out skin tones often caused by electronic flash
    • Can also help balance contrasting skin tones within one scene
    • Neutral colors remain unaffected

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    Tiffen 72mm 812 Warming Filter

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    • Fits 72mm Lenses
    • Adds Warmth and Glow to Washed-out Skin Tones
    • Great for Portraits Taken on a Cloudy Day or in Shade
    • Absorbs Blue Cast Caused by Electronic Flash
    • Screw-On Filter Format

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