Arturia MiniFreak 37 Key Polyphonic Hybrid Keyboard

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Arturia MiniFreak 37 Key Polyphonic Hybrid Keyboard

  • Arturia MiniFreak 37 Key Polyphonic Hybrid Keyboard
  • 12V 1A Universal PSU
  • USB A to USB 2.0
  • User Manual
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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Arturia MiniFreak 37 Key Polyphonic Hybrid Keyboard

The Arturia MiniFreak is a 37 key polyphonic hybrid keyboard that unites dual digital sound engines with analog filters, playful modulation, instinctive sequencing, and rich stereo effects for sounds that are immediately curious, beautiful, and chaotic in equal measure.

Explore the Unconventional

In the rift where digital meets analog, engine meets engine, hardware meets software, expression meets impulse, and reality meets boundless imagination, dwells MiniFreak. Discover endless sweet spots between sonic universes and tear up the rulebook with an addictive hybrid synthesizer that invites you to play without consequences.

Double the Engines, Double the Fun

2 engines, 6 voices, 22 oscillator modes. From Virtual Analog to FM, Additive to Ring Mod, collide contrasting modes for compound polyphonic timbres, feed Engine 1’s sound into Engine 2 for stacked sonic interplay, and process external audio through its architecture to unleash any sound’s wild side. Whether it’s mix-filling bass, textural percussion, or center-stage synth lead, you can mold MiniFreak’s many voices into whatever shape you desire.

Effortless Sound Experimentation

Immediate modulation means nothing is off-limits. With twin LFOs, polyphonic cycling envelopes, and customizable LFO shapes, modulate your sound engines, filters, effects - even your modulation sources themselves. Anything goes with this simple-but-powerful modulation matrix, putting any flavor of animated, evolving, or untamed sonic alteration at your disposal in seconds. A simple sustained chord, progressively modulated with slewed S and H affecting the engines and filters.

Madness In Stereo

Savor vivid stereo textures with built-in effects. Embellish your dual-engine sounds with beautifully hypnotic chorus, brutal distortion, immersive borderline-3D atmosphere, and beyond. MiniFreak is armed with stereo outputs and 3 FX slots, each with 10 curated FX algorithms to choose from, ensuring that every patch is mix-ready and as wide as you need it to be.

A Hands-On Experience

Explore MiniFreak’s layout, controls, and secret sonic weapons in detail, from the one-knob Modulation Matrix to the multi-functional touch strips.

Like-Minded Expression

MiniFreak is a monster built for playing. Enjoy polyphony that responds to your every input with a quality Slim-key keybed with aftertouch, make sweeping changes to your sound with dynamic macros, turn your melodies into dense chord stacks with Chord mode, and keep your harmony in-check with Scale mode.

Momentum Meets Chaos

Movement on tap, randomization on command. Explore sequencing and arpeggiation that goes way beyond tapping notes in. Lock variety into your patterns with 4 modulation lanes, introduce dramatic octave jumps, drop in ratchets, repeats, and mutations on the fly - and of course, the Freaks’ signature Spice and Dice guarantees musical alterations and creative randomizations aplenty.

MiniFreak’s Sound and Architecture Mirrored Virtually

Enjoy the same wild hybrid sound, complete with modeled analog filters, in your DAW of choice with a like-for-like VST counterpart to MiniFreak, included with the instrument for free. You can even use the same presets physically or virtually and tweak the VST with MiniFreak’s controls for a seamless creative flow.


Out of the box, explore a curated selection of over 250 patches to whip up your appetite for Freaky hybrid sound. Created by some of the world’s most experienced and prolific sound designers, this library has a little something for everyone. But don’t take it from us, hear it for yourself.

Two Engines, Many Voices

A dynamic selection of sounds that contrast, collide, and conspire to create. Classic sinewave to fearsome supersaw bass, pizzicato-plucked strings to dense stacked chords. MiniFreak’s engines pack a punch - or 22, to be precise.

Mutable Instruments

Like its smaller sibling, MiniFreak contains a number of open-source oscillator modes from Eurorack legends Mutable Instruments, enhanced with polyphony and ’Freak flexibility.

Noise Engineering

For the braver, bolder sound explorer, MiniFreak contains 3 algorithms designed by LA modular titans Noise Engineering, combining wave folding, phase modulation, and harmonic manipulation.

Analog Filters

Magic happens where digital and analog meet. MiniFreak embraces the crisp, glassy, sometimes aggressive sound of digital oscillators. But this machine isn’t taking sides; enjoy the best of both worlds with the warm, responsive, authentic sound of polyphonic analog filters. Tame harshness, create movement and make subtractive synthesis work for you.


Every note you play will be shaped and colored individually thanks to analog filters for every voice, ensuring that each melody, chord, or percussive hit is as warm and vivid as the last.

3 Modes

Balance MiniFreak’s sound to sit perfectly in your mix or target specific frequency ranges to unlock unique harmonics with low-pass, band-pass, and high-pass states.


Sweep a filter yourself, crush or widen its envelope - but MiniFreak has other ideas. Send your analog filters into a modulation frenzy or keep it moving in line with your sequencer for filtering that goes further.

The Finishing Touch

Beautiful, crunchy, unstoppable stereo sound awaits. Augment, transform, and polish whatever combination of engines you’ve chosen with 3 stereo FX engines. From space enhancers to textural algorithms, to outright sonic destruction, this FX is ready to be tweaked and modulated to your heart’s content.


Display Resolution1920x1080
Display TypeOLED

Input / Output

USB Ports1 x USB Type-B

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