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Sony ECM-W2BT Digital Bluetooth Wireless Microphone with Sony ECM-LV1 Lavalier Microphone Bundle

  • MFR: ECM-W2BT_K1
Sony ECM-W2BT Digital Bluetooth Wireless Microphone with Sony ECM-LV1 Lavalier Microphone Bundle
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Product highlights

  • Bluetooth audio with wireless range of up to 650 feet
  • For digital or analog MI (Multi-Interface) shoe Sony cameras
  • Omni-directional capsule on transmitter for clear pickup
  • Wide compatibility via 3.5mm stereo jack on receiver
  • Transmitter attenuator switch adjusts audio pickup level
  • Three sound pickup pattern options (Mic/Mix/Receiver)
  • Qualcomm aptX Low Latency Bluetooth codec
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery for long shooting duration
  • LINK lamp displays mic and receiver communication status
  • Dust- and moisture-resistant construction

In the box

Sony ECM-LV1 Compact Stereo Lavalier Microphone

The Sony ECM-LV1 is a versatile lavalier microphone suitable for a variety of situations and uses. The microphone is designed to be visually unobtrusive and can be positioned close to the speaker's mouth for optimal audio pickup. In addition to cameras and camcorders, the Sony ECM-LV1 Microphone works with a wide variety of electronic devices. It works with devices equipped with an external microphone input such as PCs and digital voice recorders.

Clear Stereo Sound

With the Sony ECM-LV1 Lavalier Microphone, you don't have to worry about directional microphone placement. It features omnidirectional capsules that provide clear, high-quality sound with pickup from all directions.

Battery-Free Recording

The microphone comes with a plug-in power system that runs on the power supplied by the microphone connector, enabling a battery-free operation.

Simple, Unobtrusive Design

The ECM-LV1 has a black finish and is simple in form as well as highly mobile. It measures just 1.26-inch in length and 0.43-inch in diameter. It's designed to be unnoticeable when attached to clothing, which is a useful feature for a variety of shooting situations.

360-Degree Rotating Clip

The flexible rotating clip lets you attach the microphone at any convenient angle. It allows any orientation from horizontal, for a necktie or lapel, to vertical for a pocket clip. 

Included Windscreen

The included windscreen is designed to reduce the impact of both wind noise and the speaker's breath sounds, resulting in clear and stable sound recording even when shooting outdoors on a windy day.

Sony ECM-W2BT Digital Bluetooth Wireless Microphone

With a stable Bluetooth wireless communication of up to 650 feet, the Sony ECM-W2BT Digital Microphone is an ideal for vloggers and content creators. It can be easily connected to Sony cameras that employ either a digital or analog MI (Multi Interface) shoe for cable-free connectivity. Once connected to the digital MI shoe camera, the microphone’s receiver unit converts the analog audio to digital output and sends the digitalized audio to the camera for a low-noise high-quality recording. This wireless microphone not only captures audio on a camera or camcorder, but can also be used for external audio recorders, mobile phones and personal computers. Thanks to the supplied 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable that easily connects the receiver to cameras and other devices that have a 3.5mm microphone input jack. 

Omni-Directional Mic Capsule

Sony ECM-W2BT’s transmitter unit has an advanced omni-directional microphone capsule that captures clear sound recording from any direction. The included fuzzy windscreen can be attached to the microphone to reduce wind noise if required. An external 3.5mm output jack on the unit lets you attach other microphones like the ECM-LV1 Lavalier Stereo Mic. The transmitter also includes a convenient clip that can attach to clothing.

Three Sound Pick Up Pattern Options

The Sony ECM-W2BT Wireless Microphone offers ultimate creative freedom thanks to its sound acquisition functions. It provides three sound pickup modes - MIC, MIX, and RCVR modes that allow you to record sound and ambient sound based on a desired preference. In MIC mode, audio is captured from the microphone transmitter so that only the subject audio is captured. In RCVR mode, sound is recorded from the internal microphone at the receiver, to capture user’s audio. Finally, in MIX mode, sound is recorded on both transmitter and receiver which is useful when audio from both the subject and the user is desired.

Transmitter Attenuator Switch

The transmitter comes with an attenuator switch that lets you adjust the audio level pickup, which is useful when sound is excessively loud or too low. The unit offers three attenuation levels; 20dB, 10dB, and 0dB that can be selected depending on the sound source volume. The 20dB setting allows the recording of loud sounds with reduced distortion, while quieter sounds can be amplified for recording at the 0dB setting. The attenuator function helps recording appropriate audio levels. The best way to set the audio level is while monitoring the audio level meter on the camera the volume on headphones connected to the camera.

Stable Communication Up To 650 Feet

The Sony ECM-W2BT Digital Microphone comes with an improved wireless connectivity, providing stable connection between the microphone and receiver, even in the presence of obstacles or in crowded environments with multiple wireless activities taking place. In locations with good visibility, communication is possible at up to 650 feet (200m), significantly increasing the flexibility of audio recording.

Qualcomm aptX Low Latency Bluetooth Codec

This wireless microphone uses Qualcomm aptX Low Latency Bluetooth codec that delivers both high-quality audio recording and low latency.

LINK and Power Lamps

For easy reference, the Sony ECM-W2BT includes a LINK lamp to notify the user of the status of the communication between the microphone and the receiver. A Power lamp shows the remaining battery charge.

Compact, Lightweight Body Design

The compact transmitter clips discreetly beneath clothing and is easy to hold, weighing only 0.95 oz and measuring 1.2 x 2.66 x 0.75 inch. The receiver has a low profile when mounted on top of a camera’s MI or hot shoe weighing in at only 0.98 oz and measuring 1.34 x 1.13 x 2.09 inch. To match the rugged performance of Sony cameras, both the transmitter and receiver units come with a dust and moisture-resistant design.

Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery

Both the transmitter and receiver have a built-in rechargeable lithium-Ion battery that offers long recording times. When longer operation is needed, the battery assist function via the power supply from a compatible camera’s Multi Interface shoe enables the user to operate the receiver for up to 18 hours.

Terminal Protection Holder

A supplied terminal protection holder keeps the transmitter and receiver together when not in use and protects the terminal from damage. The holder can also support the transmitter as a stand when placed on a flat surface like a table to capture sound from multiple directions. This could be useful when needed to record groups or meetings.

Wind Screen Included

The included windscreen reduces the wind noise that occurs when strong wind or breath impacts the microphone. As a result, the speaker's voice can be recorded clearly and stably, even when shooting outdoors.

Works with ECM-LV1 Stereo Lavalier Microphone

The microphone supports stereo audio output input and features an external 3.5mm stereo mini-jack to allow for stereo sound pickup. It can be used in combination with a stereo-capable lavalier microphone such as the ECM-LV1, as an unobtrusive microphone that can easily attach to the subject’s clothing and record sound with increased realism.

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Dual Charging

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Compact and Portable

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