Orange Amps Super Crush 100W Guitar Amplifier Head Combo, 100 Watt Class A/B Power Amp, XLR Output


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Orange Amps Super Crush 100W Guitar Amplifier Head Combo, 100 Watt Class A/B Power Amp, XLR Output

  • Orange Amps Super Crush 100W Guitar Amplifier Head Combo
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Orange Amps Super Crush 100W Guitar Amplifier Head Combo, 100 Watt Class A/B Power Amp, XLR Output

Building on the huge success of Crush Pro solid-state amplifiers, the Super Crush 100 amplifier takes this now-classic recipe and goes a step further in the search for a valve-like tone. Though equipped with all the same features as the original amp, the Super Crush 100 is a completely new design, proving that a lot of small improvements can make a big difference and there’s a CabSim balanced output too. With its single-ended, 2-channel JFET preamp design and 100 Watt Class A/B power amp, the Super Crush 100 amplifier mimics the huge, rich, and responsive tone of flagship Rockerverb amps in a solid state. From clean to heavy high gain, there’s no shortage of Orange mojo. Touch-sensitive dynamics and lush harmonic overtones sing out of this amp with such authority and musicality that you’d swear there were valves inside.

Authentic Analogue Tone

From input to output, the Super Crush 100 uses high-quality analog circuitry to deliver all the immediacy, definition, and character that you would expect from any top-of-the-range valve amps.

High Gain, High Versatility

Two completely independent, all-analog preamp channels give you instant access to a whole spectrum of warm, valve-like tones. From high-headroom clean to high-gain metal, every sound you could ever need is dialed in with ease, thanks to a versatile circuit and intuitively simple control layout. The Dirty Channel boasts four cascading stages of proper Orange gain, along with a passive 3-band EQ. Just like its all-valve stablemates, the Super Crush 100’s Dirty Channel can hammer out punishing heavy tones and also clean right up, whether you’re riding the guitar volume knob or the amp’s wide-ranging gain control. The Clean Channel is a bright, vintage-flavored, two-stage design. There’s plenty of headroom, keeping your clean tones shimmering and clear at any level, with the option of cranking the volume up into fat, bluesy crunch.

100 Watts Of Solid State Mojo

The Super Crush 100 uses the tried and tested 100 Watt Class A/B power amp from Pedal Baby 100 to deliver all the dynamics, presence, and feel of a big valve amp. Filling big stages is not a problem thanks to massive headroom, fantastic articulation, and relentless punch.

Direct And To-The-Point

The Super Crush 100 features a balanced XLR output with CabSim speaker emulation technology. Mimicking the sound of a 2x12 cab, this no-nonsense, all-analog filter gives you instant access to a great D.I. guitar tone, straight into the P.A. or recording interface. The Cab Back switch selects between the sound of an open or closed back cab, homing in on your perfect direct sound quicker.

Built-In Reverb And Fully-Buffered FX Loop

An onboard digital reverb module provides a lush, spring reverb ambience, adding a deep and shimmering finishing touch to your sound. The fully-buffered, ultra-transparent, series FX Loop takes care of all your effects needs, accommodating even the most outlandish signal chains without ever compromising your carefully-crafted tone.

Three Cab Configurations With The Super Crush 100 Head

One 16-ohm cab is connected to one of the speaker outputs. Two 16-ohm cabs connected to both speaker outputs or daisy-chained together from one of the speaker outputs. One 8-ohm cab is connected to one of the speaker outputs.


Audio OutputBalanced (XLR)

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