Yamaha DTXM12 12 Trigger Pads Expandable Electronic Percussion Pad with Playing Patterns (Black)


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Yamaha DTXM12 12 Trigger Pads Expandable Electronic Percussion Pad with Playing Patterns (Black)

  • Yamaha DTXM12 12 Trigger Pads Expandable Electronic Percussion Pad with Playing Patterns (Black)
  • Power Adapter (PA-5D or an Equivalent Recommended by Yamaha)
  • Data List Booklet
  • DVD-ROM (Cubase AI5)
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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Yamaha DTXM12 12 Trigger Pads Expandable Electronic Percussion Pad with Playing Patterns (Black)

The Yamaha DTX-M12 12-Pad Electronic Percussion Pad has many applications. It’s perfect for the acoustic drummer looking to add electronics to their kit, the hand percussionist who needs a full palette of percussion instruments in a versatile, self-contained unit, or as a percussion controller for a producer in a recording studio setting. It’s a great solution for anyone looking to add top-notch percussion sounds and rhythms to their music. The DTX-MULTI 12 Electronic Percussion Pad features 12 trigger pads in a compact split-level configuration and includes 1,277 drums, percussion, and effects sounds. Utilizing the sound technology of the highly acclaimed Motif and DTXTREME III, the DTXM 12 will expand any drummer’s playing style with unlimited inspiration. The DTXM 12 also can load digital samples for endless sound possibilities and rhythmic patterns in multiple styles that can be triggered from the pads. The DTXM 12 is the first product of its type to be able to respond to multiple playing styles and applications in one unit. Whether you use sticks, hands, or fingers, the M 12 responds to the dynamics of your performance. Additionally, you can vary the sound while touching the pad or pressing a foot switch, and up to four sounds can be velocity switched or layered per pad. Preset Kit In addition to a broad spectrum of voices taken from the world-renowned, flagship Motif series synthesizers, the DTX-MULTI 12 also features many new percussion sounds that have been collected through Yamaha's advanced sampling techniques and ready-to-use effect sounds for a grand total of 1,277 voices. The DTX-MULTI 12 includes not only digital sounds but also DJ sounds and a rich variety of voices from percussion, chromatic percussion, folk, and acoustic drum instruments. You can also import WAV and AIFF audio files from a USB memory device and use them as voices. The DTX-MULTI 12 functions as a sample playback device with 64MB of battery-backed Flash ROM. Together with great-sounding reverb and chorus effects that can be applied to entire drum kits, the DTX-MULTI 12 also features a Variation effect unit that can be used to enhance individual voices in many exciting ways. Multi-Pattern The DTX-MULTI 12 comes complete with 128 different MIDI playing patterns (including 3 demo patterns) from a worldwide range of musical genres including folk music, rock, and house. You can easily start and stop patterns by simply striking the pads. In addition, you can record your own performances as patterns or create patterns on a PC. These patterns can then be assigned to pads. Using the Tap Tempo function, you can set the tempo for patterns and the click track by simply striking pads. In this way, you can conveniently and intuitively set the tempo that you need. Play Modes The DTX-MULTI 12 provides several playing modes and features that enable performers to directly express their art and talent. They are Stick mode, optimized for playing the instrument with drum sticks Hand mode, for conveying subtle expressions through hand percussion. Finger mode, for extremely intricate finger drumming. Muting feature, which enables sounds to be muted or changed when a hand is pressed down on a pad as it is struck. Multi-Assignment Trigger Function Up to four different voices can be assigned to each pad. The DTX-MULTI 12 is packed with a multitude of features to stimulate creativity such as Stack mode in which all the notes assigned to a pad are triggered simultaneously with a single strike and Alternate mode in which the notes assigned to the pad are played individually in turn each time it is struck. Music Production In addition to the MIDI In/Out port, the DTX-MULTI 12 is equipped with a USB TO HOST port that can be connected to a PC with a USB cable (sold separately) and a USB TO DEVICE port that can save the user kit data on a USB memory. This connection can be used in a variety of ways.

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