Yamaha Genos2 Flagship Arranger Workstation with Style Dynamics and Vocal Harmony 2 (Black)


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Yamaha Genos2 Flagship Arranger Workstation with Style Dynamics and Vocal Harmony 2 (Black)

  • Yamaha Genos2 Flagship Arranger Workstation with Style Dynamics and Vocal Harmony 2 (Black)
  • Owner’s Manual
  • AC Power Cord
  • Music Rest
  • 2 x Music Rest Brackets
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

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Yamaha Genos2 Flagship Arranger Workstation with Style Dynamics and Vocal Harmony 2 (Black)

For music enthusiasts and solo performers, the Yamaha Genos2 is a revolutionary force in Arranger Workstations. This instrument seamlessly blends Yamaha's iconic sounds with cutting-edge technology, marking the pinnacle of Yamaha's flagship line. It provides unparalleled Voice and Style content, offering unmatched real-time control for those aspiring to be the ultimate cover band or unleash unlimited creativity in original music composition and arrangement.
A Symphony of Inspiration
The Genos2 offers an extensive library of Voices and Styles, allowing musicians to customize their sound freely. With Yamaha's instrument sampling and vertical integration, the instrument ensures superior consistency and quality, whether crafting original masterpieces or covering crowd favorites. The vast music genre library opens endless avenues for creativity, guaranteeing an authentic musical experience.
Command Your Sound
More than a powerful instrument, the Genos2 serves as a command station, granting musicians ultimate authority over every aspect of their music. Style Dynamics provides nuanced control over the accompaniment, from subtle whispers to roaring crescendos. The Real Ambient Drums feature breathes life into Styles, simulating live drum feels in various environments. The AI chord mode intuitively guides accompaniments, creating the illusion of a full band, even when it's just one performer on stage.
Birth of Stars
The Genos2 enhances vocals with a professional-grade microphone input and studio-quality effects. Whether playing or belting out tunes, the Karaoke Lyrics On-Screen ensures no missed beats or lyrics, making Genos2 the best backing band for any performer.
Intuitive Control and Displays
Live Control Surface includes customizable knobs and sliders for on-the-fly adjustments. This can be of service during performances or during fine-tuning.
Big, Crisp, Display
The new main and sub-displays ensure you never have difficulty reading while playing in any environment.
Playlist Organization
Make your performances more seamless by instantly recalling your settings.
Integrated Vocal Harmony 2
Automatically add layer-upon-layer of beautiful harmonies to your voice in the perfect pitch with Vocal Harmony 2.
Personalize Your MIDI Files
If your MIDI or Audio tracks contain lyrics, you can easily view the song lyrics on the vibrant display of Genos2. Additionally, the HDMI port allows you to connect to a larger monitor, making it ideal for Karaoke enthusiasts or individuals with an extensive repertoire.
The Chord Looper Advantage
Utilizing Chord Looper allows you to repetitively play the chord progressions of the song, giving you the freedom to go solo or experiment without the need to concern yourself with handling the changes.
Expansion Packs
Make your Genos2 more personalized by adding from a growing library of Expansion Packs, which includes exclusive Premium Packs made for the Genos2.
Bluetooth for Wireless Streaming
Use your Bluetooth device to wirelessly stream to the Genos2.
USB Audio Interface
Use the built-in USB Audio Interface in the Genos2 to send and receive audio data via a single USB cable.
Transform Your MIDI Files
Using Genos2, transforming standard MIDI files into vibrant, fully developed Styles with included intros, endings, and transitions becomes a no-brainer.


Keyboard TypeSemi-Weighted
Touch Response7 Levels of Sensitivity

Sounds and Songs

Number of Sound Presets1991 x Factory Sound Preset
Performance FunctionsArpeggiator


Number of Style Presets800

MIDI and Recording

Standard MIDI File (SMF) FormaSMF 0 / SMF 1 (Playback), SMF 0 (Record)
Supported MIDI StandardsGM



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