FiiO BTR3K Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 High Resolution Headphone Amp Bundle


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FiiO Dynamic Driver Hybrid Wired Earphones

  • FiiO Dynamic Driver Hybrid Wired Earphones
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

FiiO BTR3K Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 High Resolution Headphone Amp

  • FiiO BTR3K Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 High Resolution Headphone Amp
  • Manual Card
  • USB Type-C Cable
  • Rear Clip
  • Lanyard
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Ubio Labs Silhouette 6,000mAh Portable Power Bank (Black)

  • Ubio Labs Silhouette 6,000mAh Portable Power Bank (Black)
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Kratos Power 20W USB Type-C PD Power Adapter

  • Kratos Power 20W USB Type-C PD Power Adapter
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

Kratos Power Nylon Braided Cable 6-Feet USB-C to USB-C Cable

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FiiO BTR3K Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 High Resolution Headphone Amp Bundle

The aluminum alloy body is wrapped elegantly in an arc of 2.5D glass that is used in the latest smartphones. The oleophobic coating keeps off fingerprints. This bundle from Focus Camera gives you the FiiO BTR3K Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 High-Resolution Headphone Amp, aluminum headphone stand for desk with FiiO Dynamic Driver Hybrid Wired Earphones, 6,000mAh portable power bank (black), 20W USB type-C PD power adapter, and Nylon Braided Cable 6-Feet USB-C to USB-C Cable.

FiiO Dynamic Driver Hybrid Wired Earphones

The FiiO Dynamic Driver Hybrid Wired Earphones utilize an expertly tuned hybrid system of a 10mm beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver + 2 Knowles BA paired with a high-purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable for a truly excellent high-fidelity sound. 

Lightning-Quick, Intense Bass 

The 10mm beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver in the FH3 was specifically chosen for its superior acoustic properties. The beryllium-plated diaphragm is not only light and thin but is also extremely rigid, allowing for thunderous yet lightning-quick, responsive, and dynamic bass. 

Two Knowles BA Drivers for Powerful Sound 

Two Knowles drivers paired with a beryllium-plated dynamic driver placed near the opening of the sound tube, controlled by a physical + electronic frequency crossover system masterfully cover the entire frequency response range. High-frequencies: the Knowles RAD-33518 driver provides extremely clear sound with well-extended yet smooth treble. Mid-frequencies: the ED-30262 gives sweeter and fuller vocals as well as a wider soundstage. Low-frequencies: a 10mm-beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver provides explosive bass with shocking authority. 

Getting Closer Allowing Clearer Listening 

Acoustically, placing the driver responsible for treble closer to the ear reduces unwanted treble reflections that reach one's ears compared to a typical earphone design, ensuring minimal loss of treble detail and thus making for more pleasant listening. 

High-Purity Monocrystalline Silver-Plated Copper Cable 

The included high-purity monocrystalline silver-plated copper cable was carefully chosen for its fidelity and ability to resolve details, being noticeably better than the typical earphone cable. One's music will sound sublime with the included cable, which brings the best out of the FH3's drivers. 

Aerospace-Grade Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy Shell 

5-axis CNC precision machining ensures that the aluminum-magnesium alloy body of the FH3 is made to tight tolerances.

Smooth Sailing with 3rd-Gen Industrial Design 

Continuing the same design language as the others in the FH series of earphones, the all-new further refined water ripple design faceplate of the FH3 gives it robust strength while looking elegant. The various curves of different angles of the FH3 seamlessly blend into each other, attracting one's eyes. And through data on thousands of people's ears as well as going through more than 10 rounds of trials and iteration, an extremely comfortable design for the FH3 was created. Experience a truly smooth-sailing experience with the FH3 and immerse oneself in the world of music. 

S.TURBO Acoustic Design 

Even more, performance is extracted from the beryllium-plated dynamic driver when it is combined with FiiO' s patented S.TURBO acoustic design. The longer and smoother turbine-inspired sound tubes effectively filter unwanted high frequencies, giving one deeper and harder-hitting bass. 

Get Addicted to Stress-Free 

To achieve more comfortable listening, the FH3 Fii0's patented balanced pressure relief technology. It the carefully designed to ensure that the air pressure in and rear chambers are balanced, thus ensuring music dynamics are not distorted and thus making for stress-free listening. 

FiiO BTR3K Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 High Resolution Headphone Amp

The aluminum alloy body wrapped elegantly in an arc of 2.5D glass like that used in the latest smartphones, the oleophobic coating that keeps off fingerprints, the high contrast black lettering, and the smooth texture give the compact FiiO BTR3K Receiver Bluetooth 5.0 High Resolution Headphone Amp an elegant look that would not be out of place in a specialty artisan's shop. 

Balanced and SE Output Incredible Performance Gains 

Building off of what made the BTR3 so good, the BTR3K implements balanced output. It is a truly balanced design, with a DAC and amplifier carefully paired for the left and right channels each, for the purest sound possible. 

Robust, Full-Bodied Sound and High Performance AK4377

With two high-performance AK4377A DACs, the power output has increased by 50% compared to the AK4376 used in the BTR3 as well as greatly improved measurements and actual sound. 

Independent Dual Crystal Oscillators for Accurate Audio Reproduction 

The dual crystal oscillator system in the BTRS also comes to the BTR3K! The 22.5792M/24376 MHz dual crystal oscillators mean that during Bluetooth and USB decoding, the BTR3K can more accurately reproduce audio signals under various sampling rates — due to greatly reduced jitter and greatly increased audio stability. 

A Robust Inner Core 

The Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth chip used in the BTR3K is a premium low-power solution designed for enhanced audio applications, with a 120 MHz DSP, support for 24-bit transmission and processing as well as the ability to decode multiple lossless Bluetooth codecs. No matter whether you watching videos, listening to music, or enjoying your favorite game, this chip will ensure you get excellent sound quality. 

Speedy Bluetooth Connection 

The BTR3K upgrades to Bluetooth 5.0, which means faster pairing and more stable signal strength for a better overall experience. It fully supports AAC/513C/aptX/aptX LL/aptX HD/LDAC audio formats that you' II get the best sound quality possible from the BTR3K.

An Extremely Useful Little Light 

With so many Bluetooth formats being used in various places, the RGB light indicator quickly tells you which format is currently being utilized.

Listen and Charge with Type-C 

You can listen while charging with the USB Type-C connector. The BTR3K takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge but allows for a lengthy 11 hours of playback!

Crystal-Clear Calls Free of Noise 

The built-in amplifier in the BTR3k not only ensures your music sounds good, but that your calls do too. To further enhance your calling experience the BTR3k is not only equipped with an omnidirectional microphone and phone controls but it is also equipped with the eight generation Qualcomm's cVc noise cancellation technology, which effectively suppresses background noise so that your call comes through as clear and audible as possible.

Adapts to Various Kinds of Wired Headphones 

The BTR3K can automatically tell what kind of headphones you plugged into it and adjusts its output accordingly. And when you plug in headphones with CTIA controls, you can use the microphone as well as the play/pause, volume, and track selection controls. 

Supports Pairing to 2 Devices Simultaneously 

The BTR3K can be paired with and remember up to two Bluetooth devices at once, allowing for even more convenience. Simply use whichever device you want to pair t e BTR3K anytime without hassle! 

Quick and Convenient Volume Control 

When you connect the BTR3K to your Bluetooth device, the device's volume and the BTR3k's volume can be adjusted separately, allowing you to better fine-tune the volume to your needs. The BTR3K also remembers your desired volume, so you don't have to adjust the volume to where you want it every time you use the device. 

Give a Holler When You Need Help

Simply use the BTR3K to call up your smartphone's assistant without even having to pull it out. 

Ubio Labs Silhouette 6,000mAh Portable Power Bank (Black)

The Ubio Labs 6,000mAh Power Bank provides high-performance charging on the go for iPhone and other devices. With its 12W USB-A output, the 6,000 mAh battery provides approximately 2 full iPhone charges. Plus, the 1.8A Lightning input means you can use your existing Lightning cable to charge the Power Bank.

Kratos Power 20W USB Type-C PD Power Adapter

Experience next-gen charging speeds with Kratos Power's 20W USB C adapter. It features a USB-PD protocol to fast charge your devices up to 3x charging speed than a regular 5W charger. Designed to maximize charging efficiency without generating excess heat, it can power up any of your PD-enabled devices and comes with a built-in AC wall charger. Our 20W USB power adapter features a USB-C input/output port and works with any Type-C charging cable, including USB-C to Lightning cables (not included). It is also compatible with MagSafe 15-watt connections and a wide array of devices, including iPhone 12, Google Pixel 5, AirPods Pro, iPad Pro, and iPhone SE. Our fast-charging plug adapter conveniently plugs into any standard wall outlet. Its low profile and non-intrusive design ensure that it won't obstruct other outlets or fall out. Lightweight and compact, it is ideal as a travel charger. Be it home, office, on vacations, or on business trips, you can rely on its advanced safety features for convenient and safe charging to your laptop, mobile devices, and other PD devices. Our power adapter plug is fireproof, and RoHS certified, offering protection against over-heating, over-charging, and over-loading. The intelligent chip inside matches the current to your device requirement, ensuring a safe overnight charging experience. Comes with Kratos Power 1-year limited warranty.

Kratos Power Nylon Braided Cable 6-Feet USB-C to USB-C Cable

Designed to work flawlessly with any devices that have USB-C ports. Easily fast charge and power a number of compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets and handheld consoles or devices with this cable.

Superior Durability

Engineered with a tough nylon exterior to resist damage from the outside.

Universal Compatibility

Supports high-speed USB-C charging for devices compatible with Quick Charge such a various Samsung and Android smartphones.

Note: This is a USB-C to USB cable. This cable cannot connect to a micro USB OR USEB-A port.

FiiO Dynamic Driver Hybrid Wired Earphones


Number of Microphones1


Weight7.3 g (single unit)


Driver Size10mm
Wearing StyleCircum Aural
Number of Drivers1 per Earpiece

Kratos Power 20W USB Type-C PD Power Adapter


AC Input Power100-240V~50-60Hz

Kratos Power Nylon Braided Cable 6-Feet USB-C to USB-C Cable


Cable Length6 feet

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