Leica DISTO D810 Touch Laser Distance Meter

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Leica DISTO D810 Touch Laser Distance Meter

  • Leica DISTO D810 Touch Laser Distance Meter
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Leica DISTO D810 Touch Laser Distance Meter

Leica’s DISTO D810 is an all-purpose laser distance meter with a robust set of features and functions that makes it useful in many different situations. Its oversized receiver lens allows the D810 to see a laser dot up to 660 feet away. That’s well beyond the range a human could detect the dot with the naked eye. Additionally, the device’s measurements are accurate to 1/16th of an inch so you can be confident you’re always getting the most accurate readings possible. The D810 also has a 360 degree tilt sensor that determines the angle of the laser which allows the meter to calculate slope height and the distance to an object even when you’re shooting over an intervening obstacle. The D810 has built-in Bluetooth Smart technology, too. This means you can pair the meter with a smartphone or tablet and send distance information to a variety of Leica apps that are available. These apps can aid in everything from taking flooring measurements to generating floor plans.

Incredible Range and Accuracy in Any Weather Conditions

The D810 is designed to return distance readings from ranges much farther that the naked eye can see. Its oversized lens can detect a laser dot from 600 feet away and that distance can be further extended up to 660 feet by using the built-in digital camera that provides 4x image magnification. The readings the D810 returns are accurate down to 1/16th of an inch, too, so you know you’re getting an accurate reading even from very long distances. To protect the delicate inner components of the device, Leica designed the body to be sealed against water and dust. It has an IP54 rating so you can confidently use it in light rain or on construction sites with excessive dust and dirt. The D810 is also tripod-mountable to provide a stable platform since even small wobbles can throw off measurements when shooting an object from a long distance.

Measure in Picture Technology

The D810's exclusive Measure in Picture (MIP) technology can determine the height, width, area, diameter, or circumference of an object in a picture taken by the D810. Bracket your target using pointers on the touch screen to remotely measure the width of a second story window, the area of a billboard, or the diameter of an above-ground tank.

360-Degree Tilt Sensor

The D810’s ability to take distance measurements from very long distances is very useful, but the farther you get from the object you’re measuring the better the odds of running into an intervening object that blacks the laser. In these situations, there’s a 360-degree tilt sensor integrated into the device that compensates for elevation changes to return accurate horizontal distance measurements even when you have to shoot over a fence or wall. The tilt sensor can also be used to measure slopes by taking multiple shots at different locations of the incline.

Bluetooth Smart Connectivity   

Leica has a number of apps that can be downloaded to smartphones or tablets which aid in a number of tasks ranging from taking flooring measurements to creating floor plans of entire houses. Normally, measurements are entered into these apps manually, but, when you pair the D810 with the device running the app, it can transfer the information wirelessly and the app with calculate all the measurements itself.

Touchscreen Functionality

The D810 Touch is the first touchscreen laser distance meter. In addition to making it easier for you switch between the functions, you can use familiar pinch and expand motions on the touchscreen to zoom the camera in or out. In Measure in Picture mode, you can tap and hold the brackets used to identify the points in the picture that you want to measure.

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Distance600-699 Feet
Battery TypeLithium-Ion
Tool Type (Laser)Distance

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