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Hollyland Solidcom C1 Full-Duplex 1100-Feet LOS Transmission Range Wireless Intercom Headset System

  • MFR: HL-C1-SH01
  • SKU: HL-C1-SH01
Hollyland Solidcom C1 Full-Duplex 1100-Feet LOS Transmission Range Wireless Intercom Headset System
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Product highlights

  • Wireless and self-contained headset communication
  • Transmission range of up to an 1100-foot
  • Highly portable and hands-free coordinating experience
  • Wideband frequency response from 150 Hz to 7 kHz
  • Comes with two detachable lithium batteries
  • Easy two-way communication
  • Each single headset weighs only 168 g
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear all-day

In the box

  • Hollyland Solidcom C1 Full-Duplex 1100-Feet LOS Transmission Range Wireless Intercom Headset System
  • 2 x Lithium Battery
  • Over Ear Leather Cushion
  • On-Ear Foam Cushion
  • Microphone Cushion
  • User Manual
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

The Hollyland Solidcom C1 Full-Duplex Wireless Intercom Headset System is Hollyland's first true wireless and self-contained headset communication solution with exceptional sound clarity. The system provides a reliable transmission range of up to a 1,100-foot (350-meter) radius (LOS).

Effortless Conversation Flow

Hands-free operation maximizes team productivity. Each headset is designed with a dual-antenna diversity scheme that reinforces anti-interference capability, guaranteeing secure and constant team communication in complex environments.

True Wireless Self-Contained Headset Communication Solution

With no belt pack or base station, it offers a highly portable and hands-free coordinating experience for media production teams or any team looking for real-time, non-blocking voice communication in socially distanced working scenarios.

Comfortable to Wear All Day Long

Each single headset weighs only 168 g, which is lighter than an iPhone 12, offering a comfortable wearing experience for long hours. The headset is exquisitely crafted with PC-ABS materials, guaranteeing outstanding flexibility and durability. On-ear foams and over-ear cushions are provided for different wearing preferences. Easy to replace and free to share.

Rechargeable and Replaceable Battery for Extended Working Time

Each intercom headset comes with a spare lithium battery for convenient field replacement, keeping systems up and running with minimal downtime.

Wideband Clear Audio Quality for Precise Coordination

Supporting a wideband frequency response from 150 Hz to 7 kHz and premium AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) performance, the Solidcom C1 intercom headsets ensure authentic and clear audio quality for effective teamwork. Equipped with a directional microphone that captures the speaker's voice precisely while minimizing unwanted noise, the system renders an effortless conversation experience even in noisy environments.

Two-Way Communication

The transceiver built into the Solidcom C1 master headset creates a reliable wireless communication radius of up to 1,100 feet. The team can stay connected and move freely at a major event, filming site, or mass area operation.

Customizable and Expandable for Varying Team Size

Multiple packages are available to accommodate varying team sizes, from 2 to 6 members. All packages are easily expandable and can be incorporated into a hub for up to nine members' simultaneous communication with AB grouping capability.

Master/Remote Headsets

With their single-ear design, the headsets, while allowing two-way team conversations, ensure your safety and interaction with the surroundings. The mic boom can be rotated 270 degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise for both left- and right-ear wearers. The self-contained master headset connects up to 5 remote headsets within a transmission range of 1000 feet without the need for belt packs or HUBs. The Solidcom C1 master headset cannot be paired with the master station.

Lithium Battery

Each headset comes standard with two detachable lithium batteries, providing battery life around the clock.

Over-Ear Leather Cushion

Over-ear design, skin-friendly leather touch, and soft sponge filling for more comfortable wearing.

On-Ear Foam Cushion

This cushion has a soft and breathable texture for improved wearing comfort.

Microphone Cushion

This prevents saliva and droplets from causing damage to the microphone and reduces popping sounds for a safe, clean, and hygienic user experience.

Wireless Charging No