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Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro-3S 1100-Feet Full-Duplex ENC Wireless Intercom System with 3 Headsets

Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro-3S 1100-Feet Full-Duplex ENC Wireless Intercom System with 3 Headsets
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Product highlights

  • 1,100-feet LOS range
  • Includes 3 headsets and 6 batteries
  • Wideband audio range of 150 Hz to 7 kHz
  • Effective noise-cancelation
  • Advanced ENC algorithm
  • Offers unparalleled interference-free communication
  • Headset crafted using PC-ABS materials
  • 2.5 hours charging time
  • Super compact and lightweight at 6 oz with the battery
  • Out-of-the-box and ready-to-go

In the box

  • Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro-3S 1100-Feet Full-Duplex ENC Wireless Intercom System
  • 3 x Headset
  • 6 x Battery
  • 3 x Over-Ear Leather Cushion
  • 3 x On-Ear Foam Cushion
  • 3 x Microphone Cushion
  • USB-A to Type-C Cable
  • DC Adapter
  • 4-Slot Charging Case
  • User Manual
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

The Solidcom C1 Pro, Hollyland's first-of-its-kind full-duplex wireless intercom headset system featuring dual-mic Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology, is incredibly lightweight and easy to use. It is a true game changer with built-in ENC, ideal for production teams working in loud environments where exceptional communication clarity is essential. This new-generation headset system features a wideband audio range of 150 Hz to 7 kHz and a reliable LOS communication range of up to 1,100 feet. This intercom system consists of 3 headsets, 6 batteries, 3 over-ear leather cushions, 3 on-ear foam cushions, 3 microphone cushions, a USB-A to Type-C cable, a DC adapter, and a 4-slot charging case.

Unparalleled Dual-Mic ENC

The Solidcom C1 Pro boasts unparalleled dual-mic ENC technology that delivers clear sound captured in challenging, loud environments. Its directional main mic focuses precisely on the speaker's voice range, and simultaneously, the omnidirectional secondary mic collects environmental noise from different directions as noise samples. The sound signal is processed with the advanced ENC algorithm, effectively canceling the environmental noise and delivering crystal-clear sound quality.

150Hz–7kHz Wideband Audio with AEC

The Solidcom C1 Pro intercom system is capable of delivering authentic and clear sound even in the most demanding production environments. Its premium Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) function effectively removes unwanted echo within the 150 Hz to 7 kHz frequency response range, bringing in more efficient teamwork.

Robust Wind Noise Removal

The Solidcom C1 Pro offers a versatile solution that prevents airflow from directly hitting the mic. With the Y5 felt paper designed for the main mic as the wind filter as well as the microphone cushion, you can enjoy complete peace of mind in production environments where wind noise is a major challenge.

Exceptional Simplicity for Efficiency

The Solidcom C1 Pro is ready when you are. The out-of-the-box and ready-to-go features redefine the wireless intercom system category, and its simple form factor design achieves a breadth of intuitive operations. Just switch the headset ON, place it on your head, and then begin talking with your team in a matter of seconds, so that you can focus more on efficient hands-free team collaboration.

TALK/MUTE Button with the PTT Function

To switch between the TALK and MUTE modes, simply press the TALK/MUTE button. You can also switch between the two modes by rotating the mic boom up or down. To use the PTT function, press and hold the TALK/MUTE button to talk, and then release the button to mute yourself.

Volume Button

It has easy to use volume button where + means volume up and - means volume down

A and B Button

In a non-hub system, the A button is used for pairing, while the B button does not function. In a hub-based system, simply press the A or B button to switch to group A or B.

Mic Boom Indicator Light

If the indicator light flashes, it is not connected, and if the indicator light flashes quickly, it means that it is pairing. If the red indicator light flashes twice, it indicates a low battery.

Keep Connected Within a 1,100 Feet LOS Range

The transceiver built into the Solidcom C1 Pro master headset offers a reliable wireless two-way communication range of up to 1,100 feet. Your team can keep connected and move freely across an expansive space at major events, such as church productions, TV and film productions, live performances and events, and more.

Uncompromising Security and Stability

The Solidcom C1 Pro offers full support for secure communication by preventing people outside the system from hearing your conversation with its encryption technology. With a dual-antenna design scheme for each headset, the Solidcom C1 Pro enables unparalleled interference-free communication stability and clarity with a doubled user capacity on the communication channel.

Increased Portability and Durability for a Better Experience

The Solidcom C1 Pro headset is crafted using PC-ABS materials, making it incredibly lightweight - a mere 6 oz with the battery included and super compact. The upgraded over-ear leather cushion better fits the human ear structure for added stability and comfort, making it perfect for anyone who works in challenging environments. Durable on-ear foam cushions are also provided to address different wearing preferences. Simply use them as needed and enjoy the experience of incredible portability and comfort without compromising quality.

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